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Bad thermocouple? Ruud Model P50-6A

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I have a Ruud Model P50-6A, installed in 1994, and for the past few years the pilot light will just go out occasionally. I've never been able to correlate it with anything like the weather or some household activity. It seems random and not so frequent that I felt like I needed to bring in someone. But obviously often enough that I find myself checking the pilot light.

Bad thermocouple? Something else? It's 17 years old, is this a sign of impending failure?



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This could be due to many factors.

Is this Natural or LP gas?

Is the pilot flame strong or lazy?

What color is the flame?

Does the pilot flame engulf the last 1/3rd of the thermocouple?

Did you add other gas appliances to the supply since original install?

How far from the supply is the heater?

What size gas pipe is used?

Is the flue cap in good condition?

p.s. You can try removing the thermocouple from the gas valve and use a pencil eraser to clean the connection on the gas valve.

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