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Why do we stand for this?

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How are these stores and manufacturers getting away with charging the same price for a dryer as the washer? There may be some justification on the low price entry level machines, but not on the newer design high efficiency machines most people purchace.The washer is far more complex, has many more parts, it weighs much more, the chassis has to be much stronger, and you know the cost to design and produce the washer far exceed those of a dryer. I see ads for front load sets that want $1200 each for the washer and dryer.

Lets face it, you are being robbed on the dryer. That $1200 dryer probably cost less that half as much as the washer to manufacture, I bet they built it for less than $400.

And $250 or more for the stands....

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

it started a few years ago...

Dryers were cheaper,..

but then either they figured buyers would pay the higher price to get a matching Dryer,

OR they off-set the rising production cost of the Washer by increasing the Dryer selling cost

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I'm drinkin' that Kool-Aid ! Use mine all the time, heck got some hanging outside now they dry great even in winter. Ain't no rollers and Element gonna wear out on my watch.

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One word of caution, If there's a woman of the house make sure you don't have any "panty thief" neighbors. thumbnail.aspx?q=1574321264145&id=598ec30e925a4ac1283e6b478b9b93cepanty_thief_by_animekid0839-d2yeojd.jpg

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