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New Appliance Service Manual added: Fisher&Paykel GWL11 Washer

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File Name: Fisher&Paykel GWL11 Washer

File Submitter: kdog

File Submitted: 24 May 2012

File Category: Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper

All related documents for F/P GWL11 (phase 6) Washing Machine

Service Manual


Manual Supplement

Service Summary

Wiring Diagram

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Testing of the diverter valve is not outlined in the Phase 6 documents. Per the service docs I've seen, F&P references it only in the GWL10 manual ... although the diagnostic control is applicable to subsequent models (GWL11, GWL15, etc.) that have a diverter.

EcoSmart models (GWL11, GWL15, etc.) -- the Delicate cycle button toggles the diverter on/off.

IWL Intuitive Eco models -- the Home button toggles the diverter on/off (Machine Status screen will advise accordingly, Diverter:Off or Heating or On or Cooling).

Test procedure:

1. Fill some water into the tub, not a lot, just enough to see it coming up on the agitator skirt.

2. Turn the diverter on. Wait 2-ish minutes for the diverter to heat and shift to recirculation mode (IWL status screen will confirm it, GWL has no direct indication).

3. Turn on the pump, water should shower from the recirculation port and NONE out the drain hose.

4. Turn the pump and diverter off. Wait 3-ish mins for the diverter to cool and shift back to drain mode (IWL status screen will confirm, GWL has no indication).

5. Turn the pump on, water should flow out the drain hose and NONE from the recirculation port.

Per my IWL12, there is are two additional "diagnostic" screens available on it, and presumably on all IWL models. After entering Diagnostics, press/hold Lifecycle for an additional beep. Release Lifecycle (then press it again to get the display back if it has gone blank). Now, two additional screens will show (press Options Up or Down to switch screens).

Version Status

CC = I assume is accumulated Cycle Count

RPM = RPM reading on the SmartDrive motor

MC = I assume motor controller software version

Display = I assume display board software version

The other screen reports some parameters related to cycle status, fabric sensing, and water level sensing that largely aren't of diagnostic use ... except WL I believe is the water level depth reading in millimeters.

Note that Diagnostics can be accessed on IWL while a cycle is running without interrupting it. Press Power once to exit, the running cycle will continue.

For fun on IWL ... when in Demo Mode (Start + Power), press/hold How Dirty Up to play a tune. (Press again to stop the tune, or let it play to finish). Press/hold Fabric Care for a 2nd beep to change the tune. Press How Dirty Up again to play. There are three tunes on my IWL12. If How Dirty Up "maxes-out" at top of the range, press How Dirty Down back to the bottom to continue playing. Remember that Demo Mode is canceled by unplugging the power cord for about 15 seconds.

DishDrawers also have musical easter eggs, and some of the EcoSmart washer models.

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