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Maytag Ref MSD2651KES Tech sheet or service manual

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Greetings all.

About a week ago I was called out for a Maytag MSD2651KES sxs refrig. The complaint was a warmer FF box. Freezer ok. No wisp of air at the inlet, fans are running... probably an iced up evap.

Well it was partially iced up when I got there, but Ive had enough experience to know the usual culprit is the ADC Board.

Thats what I suspected here, though the ADC board is SLIGHTLY different from the ones we all carry in our trucks, and I had to order one. Pricey too.

I looked everywhere for that darn tech sheet so I could ring out the other components before a new board- but couldnt find it anywhwre.

So on a hunch I changed the adc board. And now shes got poor airflow again a week later, and bets are the evap is iced up again.

Without the schematic its difficult to trace the wires or even jump the board into defrost mode IF it can be done on this slightly different adc.

Does anybody have a tech sheet for the sucker? Can the ADC board be jumped into defrost mode?

Much appreciation.




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To Force Defrost: Turn cold control on and off 3 times within 6 seconds.

A forced defrost is immediate without any delay regardless of the cold control state or the defrost terminator state.

(When the ADC cycles the unit into defrost on its own, defrost is delayed until 4 minutes after the compressor has been cycled off by the cold control.)

Note: Cold control contacts must make and break for defrost to occur.

In some cases, freezer door must be left open to warm up the cold control sensing capillary to get the cold control contact to make and break.

If cold control contacts do not make and break unit will not force a defrost.

To Terminate Defrost:

The only way to manually terminate defrost is to disconnect power to the unit.

Unit will automatically come out of defrost at the end of the normal defrost cycle.

tech sheets


link PM'd

click on picture


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