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Dead worms

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Remember learning stuff from dissecting a dead worm or smelly frog in high school biology class ? Well at times i'd like to get my hands on a dead board etc for self-training purposes. Particularly those boards you don't run across too often. This may not be as important to some of you who can quickly read wiring diagrams on the spot or who can read a schematic the night before and easily remember to ohm the 5th pin on the j4 connector with the 15th pin on the l7 connector. Counting pins and trying to find that little writing on an unfamiliar board in a badly lit room can be cumbersome at best. I was reading a Samsung manual the other night and I kept repeating "huh? " and "wha...?" Easier understood when I was at the site with the board in front of me but I was praying for understanding the entire time. Anyhow, a section for training tools where we can send each other dead, useless or unwanted items for training purposes would be great. Recipient at the most, only pays for shipping and sender never expects the part back.

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Samurai Appliance Repair Man

An excellent suggestion, Brother Durham, and this was precisely one of the original visions of the Dojo forum where Brethren in The Craft could sharpen their combat skills and share tips with each other on weapons and tactics.  I attempted to convey this is the short description of the Dojo viewable on the homepage of this site:




This dojo is for Master Appliantologists, those with a black belt in Fixite Do, to get together and sharpen their skills.



It has since turned into sort of a general appliance repair forum that's not accessible to the general Appliantology student body.  


So, in another attempt to start such a forum, I started the Master Appliantologist's Armory forum:




Tech tips by and for Master Appliantologists.



And it wails a pitiful, lonely cry each night, bemoaning the lack of use and traffic.  Perhaps this would be a good home for your fine suggestion?

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