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Maytag Neptune MDG7500AWW Dryer Control Board

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Hello, I dont come here to bug you too often but I have a quick question regards to a "new" control board I purchased off Ebay (Yeah I know :( )  I purchased this board from Ebay and when recieved I could see the chicken scratches on the pins on the relays where you could see it had been at least installed. I got it for about 60 percent off the cheap price on the net so I could have forgiven that if they just installed it and it didnt fix the problem with the machine they were trying to fix and put it back in the box, but I installed it into my machine to see if it was used and put it into service mode and I saw the cycle count was 211. So it was used for a short time it appears, though 211 loads would not have been a long time, but why was it removed after this amount of time. So I check for codes set in memory and it says Code 6  Non-Vol.mem.err  


That sounds pretty serious if it is a permanent error but I wanted to get your opinion. Should I send it back and get my money back or try to clear the codes and run it through a cycle in my machine? I cant find a copy of the 27 inch dryer repair manual for the Maytag Neptune MDG7500AWW anymore in the stash so I dont even know what that code represents.




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OK, I dug around my old files and found the manual for this dryer. For you information if you need to find it, it is called 1997 Sloped Front dryer service manual number 16023110


The code is listed as code 6 Non Volatile Memory with a description

"Problem detected with integrity of perameters stored in EEPROM memory" 


It states Remedy Action 



LOL  Well I guess they are saying its just a glitch

Now I just wonder why this machine was used 6-9 months and then removed


Well I guess Ill let the seller know and work out a resolution there. I may keep it if he offers a nice refund. It was just a backup for the one that is in my machine and currently it works fine.

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Thanks for posting that RegUS and just to update the seller refunded the full purchase price and let me keep the board. Sometimes you find a good seller with integrity on Ebay.

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