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Mr. Lee Fix

Where there smoke, there's wire!

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Mr. Lee Fix

Posted 27 July 2012 - 04:47 PM

Weil Mclain WTGO-4 has been firing ok. It is used, at this time of year, solely for heating the domestic water in the internal tankless heater. The unit is a home heating oil fired one.
Unit has a 1.25 gph 80* B Delavan nozzle. Top flue goes into a masonry chimney.
The other day I noticed dark smoke from the chimney and immediately shut down the unit.  Thinking soot build up, I proceeded to thoroughly clean the heat exchanger grids, box, etc.  They were sooty (dry) but nothing really bad.  The blower motor, air inlets, etc., were dust covered (unit is in laundry room and I have 2 teenage boys) so I dis-assembled nearly everything (pump, blower cage, couplings, housing, etc., etc.  Cleaned lines, new filter, wiped everything clean and when I plugged it in  (it's on a connection harness, not hard wired as of now), it popped the GFI that is on that circuit.  It has however, been on a plug in since the Sandy debacle and has run without a problem.
Re-set and it popped again.  Plugged it directly into another GFI unit and the positive leg welded itself to the GFI contact until I yanked them apart.  Really, the pos leg is now 1/8 " shorter.  I'm thinking DEAD SHORT.  (But where?)
Beckett burner - RWB model
Suntec strainer
HONEYWELL ignition

Unit does not have the auto purge feature of the newer ones. This one is 5+1/2 years old
I disconnected he Beckett from the wiring and tested it and it tests fine.
I tested the wiring harness that I use and it tested fine.
I tested the GFI and it tests fine 
I tested the circuit that I use and it tests fine.
Nothing lights up or does anything because the GFI immediately trips.
Lastly, but most important.  After removing the motor leads for the Beckett, I can't recall (with absolute certainty) to what other leads they were connected.  I've included a picture and would appreciate the correct wiring designations.  This one was my fault and stupid!
It appears as though the WHITE motor lead needs to be connected to the WHITE ignition lead.
It appears as though the BLACK motor lead needs to be connected to the ORANGE/BLACK (ignition/transformer connection.
I did find, underneath the service cut-off cover, a loose white wire (see picture) that appeared to be tack welded to the metal box.  It looked factory ( a ground) but, could it be a loose wire that welded itself to the box and is a/the problem?  It is now loose, but I will re-attach or cap it as necessary.  See pictures # 4 and # 5.  Should this be attached again?
So, there you have it.  I repaired a mechanical issue, and now have an electric/electronic problem.
As these were the only 2 wires that I disconnected this should resolve this issue, but i thought that they both had 3-wire connections.  My memory must not be working (shorted out?)
I have included a picture of the Honeywell Aquastat #6. 
I have include a picture of the disconnect with the wire attached   #5
I have include a picture of the disconnect with the wire unattached   #4
I have included 3 pictures of the wire hook up for the motor ( for clarity) #s 1, 2, & 3
Below is the Photobucket  link.

Help please

Mr. Lee Fix



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Mr. Lee Fix

I have the manual, but it doesn't begin to address the electrical short that I think I have.  As I'm clearly not the best at reading electrical schematics, but can after time, decipher what it is that they wrote I'm looking for a bit more guidance in resolving my dilemma.  Anyone with some suggestions, and patience is most welcome.


Mr. Lee Fix


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... and for others:

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Budget Appliance Repair

I would say the white wire welded to the box would NOT be something normal and that would must definitely trip the ground fault and short things out.


Where does that white wire go to or come from?


The green should be the ground, the whites are neutral but could have power feeding back thru and if it had came loose from one o the wire nuts and shorted to the box it would weld itself to the box as you found it.

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Mr. Lee Fix

Mr. Burk,

Good to hear from you.  I was hoping that the wire was the culprit, but I'm not sure.  This white wire has about 1" exposed from the white protective covering, it is straight, has never had a wire nut covering it, and apparently has been floating in the box for 5+1/2 years...that last bit seems hard to believe.  I did leave out one important item.  When I plugged the wire harness from the unit, into the wall outlet, the electrical contact was loose (no cover) and it MAY HAVE touched the side wire mounting terminals to the metal box (the terminals were not wrapped in electrical tape).  I can't be sure, but it may have happened.  I pulled out the electric receptacle, taped it, replaced it, but the problem persisted.  It's possible the wire tack-welded itself the first time and is now a recurring problem.  Voila!  The white wire was the neutral to the disconnect switch which was never properly installed by the company.  The screw was tight to the switch and there was a telltale mark where the wire was pinched.  Apparently it popped loose after all these years and welded itself to the box.  However, after fastening it to the switch the Aquastat now energizes, does 3 clicks, but does not start the blower motor and I still have no hot water.  The motor tests good again when an outside power source is applied, but maybe I incorrectly wired it back in as the unit doesn't work otherwise.   Can you confirm (in original post)?  So close, but so far away.

Mr. Lee Fix

The white wire (tack welded one) is in photos # 4 - unattached

The white wire (tack welded one) is in photos # 5 - attached

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Budget Appliance Repair

I'm not at all familiar with your system and haven't  had the time to look at the wiring diagram that RegUs posted for you so I really don't have a clue as to why your system isn't working.


Just looked and sounded logical that that white wire in the disconnect box should have been in some way attached to the switch to break power and had somehow came loose and welded itself to the box causing the direct short.


There is a possibility that shorting the neutral to ground took out some other component in your system, (possibly the controller if it has one?).


Maybe someone else that is more familiar with this system that you are working on can help you.


Seems kind of strange that you haven't really received any feedback to this except for RegUs posting the service manual, did you download it and study it to see how your system works?

Edited by Budget Appliance Repair

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Mr. Lee Fix

I'm doing that right now, but it's a little involved for me.  I'll try to isolate the wires and proceed slowly so as not to miss anything and hopefully I'll find the problem.  Yeah, I thought, "why no responses", but maybe heating/furnaces aren't on most peoples minds in July!  Oh, well at least it's not the a/c.  Thanks again.


Mr. Lee Fix


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Mr. Lee Fix

Hope someone can help right away as I may have found the problem.  Does the red reset button on the HONEYWELL 8144 Intermittent Ignition reset when cold?  Mine has not operated for days, yet when viewed (it's clear plastic on one side) the button remains up, and the copper contacts remain touching (grounded?).  When I depress the button (as in resetting) the contacts open, but the button won't stay depressed and the slides back up and the contacts touch again.  Is this the normal operation mode?  Does it only work when power is applied (I don't think so)?  There are no problematic signs, but it won't stay engaged.  Which is correct?  Contacts touching or Contacts separated.

Your timely response is appreciated!


Mr. Lee Fix

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Mr. Lee Fix

Well, for everyone not reading this post (and that's all of you) I solved the problem.  An improperly secured neutral wire that sprung and shorted out against the grounded, metal service box started the problem, and my first attempt at rewiring caused the second.  Needless to say, but i will, a complete re-wiring of all and thorough checking of the circuitry provided firing and hot wawa once again, and a static setting (for now) has it running smoothly.  Next regimen is the Bacharach test, sure to elicit some previously unheard poly-syllabic utterances, but that will have to wait a day or so (and I'll need some help!).  Thank you Reg US Pat Off for the download and Mr. Willie Burk for the confirmation of the tack welded wire.  Gentlemen...Thank you.  Case closed...for now.


Mr. Lee Fix


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