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Dehumidifier - Fedders

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First let me say, that about 6 months ago, with the advice and knowledge found at Fixitnow.com, and with parts from Repairclinic.com, my Jenn-aire side by side fridge/freezer is now defrosting and back to good again.  Yes, another adaptive defrost control module problem. Thank you all for so much for the help.


Your services (and parts?) are needed again with my almost new Fedders 45 pint, low temp, dehumidifier.  Model #A7DH45B2A.  Purchased about 6 months ago from a well known online auction place.  Sold to me as new, arrived quick but upon inspection realized with cosmetic flaws and a missing screw that the unit was used or refurbished.  I mention this so that you know that the unit maybe older than the 6 months that I have owned it.

Problem:  Ran good for 6 months.  Yesterday I noticed it wasn't on and pressed the power button.  It did not come on, like your average person, I pressed the on button a few more times...nothing.  Plugged it into another outlet and the power light button came on, but the unit wouldn't run.  Moved it to the garage and plugged it in again and the fan and compressor came on like the good old days.  Well, for about 10 seconds anyway.  Then the compressor shut off, fan still on.  At this point, the display flickers rapidly and the unit resets about every 2 seconds, but the compressor doesn't turn on.  If I unplug it and wait awhile the compressor and fan will turn on when I restart it.  I took off the plastic shrouding so I could see the fan and coils.  Waiting a few minutes and pressed the power button, compressor and fan came on, I start to almost immediately see a small amount of frost on the very bottom coil and the compressor kicks back off, fan still on.  As before the digital display starts to flicker and the unit keeps trying to reset.  I touch the coils above the frosty one and they are cold but not frosted.  I see two "motherboards", one for the display, one hiding beneath the shroud (where it use to be before I removed it).  On the formerly hidden motherboard I see a small  amount of corrosion on one of the little pieces attached to the motherboard  that I believe says defrost.  I brush it off with a clean paint brush.  My curiosity takes over and I unscrew the formerly hidden mortherboard and see more corrosion on the underneath side of the board.  The reason is that the board is laying in a small amount of water.  I dry off what I can and brush off some of the corrosion, but it doesn't seem to help.   I'm assuming my problems are coming from this motherboard.  Does anyone agree or have advice?  I noticed that repairclinic.com does not show a motherboard for this dehumidifier.  Can this dehumidifier be saved....for cheap?  Does anyone know where I can find this motherboard?

Any and all help is appreciated.  Dan.



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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

the only person that I know of that might could help would be a man  named emile in new orleans, that is if hurricane katrina didnt get him. 1-504-943-1661

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I have never seen the machine you are talking about but my hunch is it's cutting out on a low pressure switch.  You may be right but I wouldn't throw a hard to find board at it just yet.

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