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Dear Samurai,

Sad story begins with machine not starting after running a cycle with fairly heavy, rubber backed bath mats.  Wife complained that spin didn't get them very dry, wanted to spin again and nothing.

This machine didn't want to run error codes...2nd spin button (as per manual) didn't work and other procedures didn't either. Also it doesn't have a digital readout.

Discovered that the Spin Speed button would run error codes with the 4-count routine. First time got cycle lights flashing and status of 'wash' and 'controls locked', there's nothing in the drum or drain. Second time got 'Rinse & Spin', which isn't listed. Third time got 'Wash-Rinse-Spin & Clothes Clean' dispenser motor, well it did rotate during the only diagnostic the machine did. In fact that's all it did..

I ruled out the door switch/lock by installing a new one. Since there was no difference I returned the new one. At this point I had all the dashboard lights. The machine was moved into the garage so an older machine we were going to sell could come to the rescue.

Have checked hoses water and drain, switches appear to have correct continuity. tightened barbs on serial leads ccu/mcu. Ccu clicks (twice) when power is applied Plugged back in, pressurized hoses, closed ground switches and everything changed.

Now and every time it's plugged in without pushing power button. All cycle lights flash and status wash/controls locked light up. This stops with stop button and then power button operates.

Press power button: Everything dead until Express or Delicates is selected. Express only has spin modifiers and Delicates has spin and temp modifiers. HOWEVER. The spin modifier works the temp lights and vice-versa. Start has no effect on any cycle except Express and Delicates. All that happens is drum jiggles, door locks and machine reverts back to wash/controls. Press stop to clear and start over.

I am mystified and angry with myself because it was closer to normal before I started working on it. Back then it simply didn't start and I had a one-time error of no handshake ccu/mcu. I'm not a bad DIYer but this machine, which I've fixed twice before, is taking me to the wood shed.

Best Regards

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Looks like a bad UI

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