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Mahjong Road

WM2250CW LG washer thermistor wires-

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Mahjong Road

Hello- after a TE error, I opened up my LG Washer and see immediately that there is a blue wire that's separated from a female connector that connects to the thermistor. I can't seem to find the right wire harness part that contains this connector in any of the parts stores. Does anyone have any experience with this problem and can tell me which wire harness is the correct one?

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Replacing the entire Wire Harness...is a major undertaking.

Two possible repair options...

1. Purchase new wire harness...cut off the plug...with about 4 inches of wire.

Splice the new plug into the original wiring.

This is an approved repair method per LG.

2. Repair the existing wires.

Cut off the original Thermistor plug on the wire harness and toss it.

Cut off the plug on the Thermistor itself and discard.

Using a razor...carefully cut the sheathing on the Thermistor wiring.

Splice both wires (usually blue and white).

Option #2 is easiest/cheapest...gets your washer working again.



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Mahjong Road

Thanks so much for your reply John. Before I read it I figured out that the connector was part of the insanely huge wire harness that connects nearly everything and found a used one on ebay (can you believe it?) It's half the price of a new one. I also came to the conclusion that is your option 1- so I'm waiting now for the part to be delivered. 

Considering your option 2- certainly cheaper (part cost me $60) but it seems to me having the splice right there next to the thermistor, attached to the shaking tub would make it more likely to fail again. I'm thinking having the splice away from the tub, with enough slack, as in option 1 will be more reliable and I won't have to open up the damnable thing again when the shaking tub inevitably pulls out the connectors- that's what caused the initial problem- design flaw it seems.

thanks again!

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1 hour ago, Mahjong Road said:

shaking tub inevitably pulls out the connectors

You could have a more serious issue 

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