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Kenmore Elite HE3t washer out balance sensor

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 I have a 16 year old Kenmore Elite HE3t washer model number 110.42932200 and I am trying to find information about the way this washer determines when a machine is out of balance. Is there a sensor that causes the spin to slow down and stop when the load is out of balance??? Someone mentioned that in some machines the electric motor has something to do with the out of balance procedure. If that is the case with my machine, can someone tell me how that works???

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The unbalance detection routine occurs during the distribution ramp (while basket spin is accelerating from 40 to 400 rpm). At 400 rpm the motor is decelerated and the rate of deceleration is monitored by the CCU. The motor is then ramped up to 400 rpm and shut off. The rate of deceleration is monitored again and compared to the first deceleration rate. Based on this comparison, the CCU can determine whether an unbalanced condition exists or not.
a. If the Motor Control Unit does not sense an unbalanced condition, the ramp will continue.
b. If the Motor Control Unit senses an unbalanced condition, the drive motor is stopped.

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