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Luxaire, Inc Model ECC030FNC - blowing, not cooling

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Hi all,

My central A/C (mounted on the ground, not on the roof, if that helps?) is blowing cold air, but is not cooling the house.  It more or less slows down the rate at which the house heats up ;)

I have no idea how old this cooler is or when it was last serviced, if ever.  I just replaced the filter pad, and the heater in the basement is about two years old, so the blower is working fine.

My guess is that it needs to be recharged - is this something I can buy or rent the necessary recharging equipment and do myself?  If not, can anyone recommend a good serviceman / woman in the Aurora / Denver, CO area?  Or, should I just suck it up and get a new A/C unit?




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Dude you live in colorado?

 open the windows!

OK the first thang I would do is clean the coils take yer water hose and spray it out good and the very gingerly clean the inside A-coil out as well .

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Open the windows?  Tell that to my very pregnant wife!!  I agree, there's no comparison (weather-wise) to the South in the summertime, though, and I do open the windows and turn on the attic fan at night.

Okay, so I'm a complete moron when it comes to A/C - how do I do this?

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Howdy neighbor

Yes. I recommend myself if Ur willing to fly me up;)

I have to ask. Is this a refrigerated air unit or is it a swamp cooler and do U know the difference?

Refrigerated air >> u should C 2 refrigerant lines attach to the unit outside. No duct work.

Evap cooler>> you'll C one small water line attach to the outside unit. They'll also be ductwork coming off the unit and going into the house.

Oppps, didn't read Header close enough. Don't believe Luxaire makes evap coolers.

Ok. Go to the outside unit. Do U C any frost on the compressor or either of the copper refrigerant lines attached to it when its running. U shouldn't C any frost or ice build up. With the unit running the small copper line (liquid) will be warm to very warm. Shouldn't be hot or cold. The larger line(suction, it should be insulated) should be cold and even have some condensation on it where theres no insulation. No frost.

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