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Cafe slide in induction cooktop CHS950P2M2S1 not working, error code F360


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Nothing happens when any of the induction cooktop controls are turned. Oven works fine. Pulled the error codes:

  • F360 (active)
  • F361 (inactive)

I have the service sheet with an extensive list of error codes, but these two codes are not listed!

Any idea what it could be?

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Looked at probably the same tech sheet that you mentioned. No f360 or f361 listed, the low "300" codes are for temp sensors of the ovens. The only number that contained "60" was for door lock issues. Since these are undocumented error codes we are down to guessing or contacting ge for help.

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Thanks I really appreciate your looking Vance. GE was of no help.

Already checked all the basics - fans, temperature sensors, door lock actuators and switches, heating elements, relays. The induction boards have no burnt components, IGBTs good, rectifiers good, capacitors good, fuses fine. GEA2 bus signals look OK on an oscilloscope. Fan speed signal from induction board is also fine. I've run out of things to check.

The cooktop will work for a little while on power up. During that time all burners work fine at all settings, until it decides something isn't right and locks out the cooktop. 5 weeks (!) until a GE technician can stop by unfortunately.

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These machines have internet function... I had an issue when a customer went out of town- his mother couldn't use his oven because the phone it was synced with was not nearby... 

Is there a little blinking icon on the display? 

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That's an interesting point. No blinking icons, WiFi is setup properly, and I can see the range in the GE app on my phone. It has Bluetooth too, and I have a Hestan pan that it talks to. Will check that. Long shot, but you never know.

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Took the batteries out of the Hestan pan to make sure there wasn't any odd Bluetooth communications happening, cycled power to the range, and I can't believe it, but the cooktop is working!!! Seems the pan was sending some garbage Bluetooth message to the range, and the range responded by shutting down the cooktop. Very bizarre. Definitely a software bug.

Big thanks to @Hiroshi for getting me to think about the problem differently.

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