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Samsung RFG298 refrigerator - not cooling (compressor?)


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Greetings.  I have an 11-year-old Samsung RFG298AARS refrigerator - french door, bottom freezer, water/ice dispenser in door.

We've had several power outages and 'blips' over the years, so it's possible my issue was caused by this, but I'm not sure.  Recently, we suddenly noticed the temp going up in both refrig and freezer. Compressor (coldness) did not come on right away, but it DID start suddenly after being plugged in, 3 days later!  Unfortunately, it then went off after 2 days of running.

Problem:  Fan is operating, but compressor does not seem to be kicking on.

I moved the unit out from the custom wall cabinet so I can access the back.  Doors and freezer drawer are REMOVED - unit is completely empty.  Also removed back door to circuit board(s) and back door to compressor & fan.  I tried tapping lightly with a screwdriver onto two rectangular boxes on the circuit board, which I believe are relays, but I'm not sure.  Trying to see if the relay(s) is 'hung".

When I plug it in, the fan goes on and a red LED continues to blink on the circuit board.  The compressor does NOT start up.  Right now it has been plugged in for 2 hours.


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Unplug the unit and remove the control board and check the back side for scorching. I had a Samsung fridge last week that head faked me with a condenser fan error. Would run for 2 or 3 days and then stop cooling. Replaced fan and still no joy. Ended up being the board. 

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The red LED is continually blinking FIVE TIMES on the IPM PCB board.  Does anyone know what that code means?

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5 blinks is for over voltage. No explanation in the manual so it maybe line voltage is to high.

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Decided to trash the unit and ordered a new one.
I will also research purchasing/installing a whole house surge protector, since I suspect that this was the root cause of the refrigerator failure.

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