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*Really* old dishwasher, wall oven (ID, comments? Many pics)

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I was recently at my grandfather's original 1950 house, and took some pictures of the two original built-in appliances in the kitchen: A Thermador oven and a Hotpoint dishwasher. The oven has only ever been used a couple of times, if at all; grandpa reports it was originally installed as a second oven but there was seldom or never a need for a second oven after all. I've never seen an oven with coiled-nichrome heating elements rather than rod type units. I've also never quite understood the function of the black-with-many-white-spots porcelain finish so many ovens seem to have on the inside. Comments?

The dishwasher was in regular use for years. The top rack lifts off the bottom rack and can be placed onto the counter for loading and unloading. The water distributor head (can't really call it a wash arm) has a couple of vanes broken off. The motor and timer still work, and the valve solenoids sound as if they're working, but the water's not hooked up. What're the chances of being able to revive this beastie?

Photos follow:








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Trying to help

Cool photos. They seem in excellent shape. I have seen that style dw before but it was many moons ago. When I first started out in 1984 or so. I lived in a area we seldom had Thermador ovens, just dw's. I alway's knew them as Thermador/Wasteking. I don't know if they started out as separate companies or not. Sure is a neat looking old unit though.

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