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Appliantology Newsletter, Early March 2012

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in General Appliance Repair Wisdom 01 March 2012 · 698 views

Appliantology newsletter
Appliantology Newsletter, Early March 2012

0. Introduction
1. Appliantology Chat Room Now Open to All Members
2. Private Appliance Repair Tutoring is Here!
3. Appliance Tips
4. Mrs. Samurai's Kitchen

0. Introduction

Blowing in from the Great White North Woods of New Hampshire like an Arctic Clipper on crack, it's another chill issue Appliantology. Movin' on...

1. Appliantology Chat Room Now Open to All Members

Ya sure, ya betcha! All members of the Appliantology Academy, faculty, staff, and students, are invited to rub elbows and noses (but let's stop there) and get to know each other in the Appliantology Chat Room. You'll find the link to the chat room at the top of the page at the Appliantology Academy just under the Appliantology logo along with the links to the other campus buildings.

Chat is real-time tippety-tap interaction between Academy members. It's great for answering questions about how to use the forums, shootin' the breeze, shop talk, how 'bout them Dawgs, political rants, etc. You'll usually find other techs hanging out and talking shop there most evenings.

So grab a mug of your flavorite brew, come on in, kick your shoes off and make yourself at home.

2. Private Appliance Repair Tutoring is Here!

Introducing a new program here at the Appliantology Academy: Private Appliance Repair Tutoring. This is a great way for the many talented Master Appliantologists who frequent the Academy to earn some extra beer money. There's no obligation, contracts, or revenue sharing and you can use the Academy facilities to do it! I'll explain the details and answer questions in the Chat Room tonight, 3/1/2012, at 9pm EST. All are welcome, Grasshoppers, Apprentices, and Masters. Hope to see you there!

If you can't make tonight's chat, don't you fret none! Stop by the chat room any ol' time for the info. Plus there will be a blog post about it soon.

3. Appliance Tips

• If you have a GE refrigerator with a muthaboard in it and it just ain't keeping the beer cold anymore or the dispenser quit working, the muthaboard may be bad. That's the bad news. The good news is that it may be covered by GE's muthaboard concession. I posted the list of included models and serial numbers ratcheer.

• Got an extra refrigerator parked out in the garage or on the porch and, mysteriously, it fails to keep the beer tooth-crackin' cold even though it's colder than a polar bear's bee-hind outside? Well, another appliance mystery is demystified in this post at my blog.

• If your carbon monoxide (CO) alarm goes off and you can't find the source anywhere, check for sump pump battery backup systems or even golfcart chargers, etc.-- any lead-acid battery that is charging can release hydrogen sulfide (H2S), and that can fool the average CO detector. Other things can cause a false alarm, too, as pointed out by a couple of appliance-savvy fans of our Facebook Page.

4. Mrs. Samurai's Kitchen

There's always something yummy cooking or brewing in Mrs. Samurai's Kitchen. The other night we munched back on a Veggie Frittata and Baked Hash Browns. It's a meatless dish on account of it being Great Lent, an' all but it was still a 10 on the world-famous Samurai Belch-o-Meter. Mrs. Samurai posted the recipe at her blog for you; come and git it. SoooWEE!


Samurai Appliance Repair Man

P.S. Don't be another Internet casualty and miss out on future action-packed and awe-inspiring issues of Appliantology. Get your very own autographed editions personally hand-delivered to your inbox by yours ever-so truly-- subscribe today!

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