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Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Updates

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Surfing the Apocalypse 21 March 2011 · 556 views

Feel like a mushroom (kept in the dark and fed bovine excrement... or worse!) when it comes to news about the radiation dangers from the Fukushima meltdowns? Well, the Samurai's doing an end-run around the corporate media spin meisters and info-blockaders! I'm frequently updating my Evernote notebook on the Fukushima nuclear disaster with hand-picked news from alternative news sources that I have used for a long time and have proven to be trustworthy. No corporate media spin!

Book mark this link and check in with it frequently:


There can't be media spin if just about all news is "fair and balanced" or "fair and balanced" wannabes. Can it? :)
Exactly! And in the "No-spin Zone," Ann Fair-and-Balanced Coulter said that radiation is actually good for us; we're just too stupid to know it.

Posted Image
Truly sorry but I can't click on that video. Vowed a while back that If I had to watch or listen to her again, I'd gouge my eyes out with a dull spoon and puncture my eardrums with a rusty ice pick. However, much of her insane rantings somehow manage their way into my consciousness and I was aware of her nutty comment.

I often wonder whether she was born that way, or woke up one morning changed, much like Gregor in the Metamorphisis. At least Gregor changed into a much higher life form than whatever bottom feeding monstrosity Coulter has become.
By her logic, it's the radiation that actually cures cancer - no wonder cancer is so prevalent as we've been keeping the cure all sealed up in those containment vessels all this time !!
She can save a whole lot of chemo treatments by just arranging to have the patients visit the reactors - :yucky:
Not taking sides, but if I remember correctly in addition to chemo they also use radiation as a form of therapy to fight cancer.
It's a good question and one that illustrates how the corporate media takes advantage of most people's lack of understanding about radioactivity and how they use psy-op tactics to associate unrelated aspects so it seems like "it's all good."

Quick primer:

There are three type of radioactive emission from nuclear materials: alpha particles, beta particles, and gamma rays.

Humans have two main types of exposure to radioactivity: internal and external.

In medical procedures to treat cancer, they're using external gamma rays to kill lots of cells. It's still medieval and barbaric, it's a lot like killing a fly with a sledgehammer, but it's good PR for GE and the nuclear industry so the medical establishment pushes it as a "therapy." Setting that aside, the main take-away point here is that 1) they're using gamma rays in medical "treatment" 2) it's external to the body and 3) it's still killing waay more good cells than the bad ones.

What Coulter and the rest of the nuclear shills are conveniently leaving out is that the most dangerous exposure to humans far away from the Fukushima meltdown is alpha particles that get inside the body. They do this by adhering to dust particles that can then travel thousands of miles (and already are) that we then breathe in or ingest them or they get inside by picking our noses or rubbing our eyes.

We're talking about radioactive atoms of strontium, which goes into the bones and stay there; iodine, which attacks the thyroid gland; cesium, which attacks the digestive system; plutonium, which attacks the brain; and others. These are all alpha particle emitters. They stay in the body and relentlessly ping-ping-ping, destroying cells around them, causing damage and mutations eventually resulting in cancer. If you get enough of them, you'll start manifesting symptoms right away: flu-like; skin blotches; hair loss; tooth loss; sloughing off the inner lining of the intestines; vomiting; coma; death.

Do you see how they cleverly lie by omission and confusion? The best lies have an element of truth to make them more believable.

And they all do it--Faux News by no means has a corner on the market. All television programing is about propagandizing and distracting you, to keep you on the ideological plantation. That's why they call it "programming." It's a military psy-op weapon. Everyone should turn off the TV. Use the internet to seek out alternative information... while you still can before they shut it down or control it, as they're discussing right now in Congress.
Agreed !! I ditched my cable about 7 years ago, and don't miss the onslought of garbage (subliminal and otherwise) - don't miss TV a bit !

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