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Musical Tools

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Samurai Appliance Repair Man


We appliance techs love tools. For some of us, this love is so deep and so profound that it moves them to song. DurhamAppliance is one such tech. Let's listen to the music of tools gushing from his heart... :rolleyes:

I must buy more tools but i also need to buy and engagement hmmmm what a quandry. Wrote a song about it....want to hear it?

(channeling Tom T Hall)

I love

Washers on the blink

Disposals in the sink

Fridges with all the frills

And drills

I love

Meters made by Fluke

Small flashlights , oh how cute!

Wrenches made by Sears

And gears

And I love you toooooooo.

(still working on the dryers-pliers stanza)

Source: US Pro Tools

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