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How to remove the stove top burners in a Maytag gas range

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


you have to turn each burner head about 1&1/2" CCW to release it from the top of the range.

Once released you can lift it up and remove the wiring and the top can be raised after releasing

the clips under the front edge.


They make a special wrench for removing the burners

however you may be able to do it with some other type of large pliers.

you will need to take great care when removing as its normal

to hear a little cracking and poping of the porcelin when removing but, can

crack severly if you rough with it.

Source: Maytag gas range CRG9800BAB

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I like to use a small oil filter wrench...just be careful to put the strap around the burner so as not to sandwich and trap the ignitor under the strap. It will bust when you apply the torque.

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