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The Official Bosch Dishwasher Training & Repair Manual, 2nd Edition, Rev. 7

Samurai Appliance Repair Man

About This File

The Official Bosch Dishwasher Training & Repair Manual

2nd Edition/Revision 7 (10/29/07)

This is it: the Official Bosch dishwasher manual. This is the only Bosch-branded dishwasher manual that Bosch puts out. I've also posted a Sears-branded manual that contains practically the same information.

This manual covers all the standard (non-Ascenta) models. This is also the manual that Bosch calls out for the seldom-seen and treacherous SHE44C models, though this model is not specifically mentioned in the manual; regardless, Bosch does not provide a separate manual for the SHE44C models.




SHU33A02/06, 3302/3305/3306/3307

SHU3322/3326/3336, 4322/4326


SHU43C02/05/06/07, 43E02/05/06/07


SHU53A02/05/06, 53E02/05/06



SHU66C02/05/06/07, 66E02/05/06/07







SHX33A02/05/06, 43E02/05/06

SHX46A02/05/06/07, 46B02/05/06/07

SHX56B02/05/06, 99B05/06

SHY56A02/05/06, 66C02/05/06, 99A02/05/06

Also, more obscure models:

SHE44C / SHE46C / SHE47C / SHE56C / SHU43C / SHX46A / SHX46L / SHX43E SHV46C / SHE43F / SHE43M / SHX43M / SHE45M / SHV45M / SHX45M / SHE55M

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