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Son of Samurai's Blog

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How to Find the Model Number Even When it's Missing

Son of Samurai


One of the first things you need when you start working on an appliance is the model number. Otherwise, unless there's a tech sheet with the machine, there's no way to find technical info on it. But what do you do when the model number tag has been damaged or removed? It's a rare occurrence, but one that can cause a major roadblock in a repair. Here's an example of one such situation:


As you can see, both the model and serial numbers are almost entirely illegible. Fortunately, there's a simple and easy trick thought up by the clever @Art4corners to circumvent this problem -- scan the barcode!

For anyone with a smartphone, this is simple enough to do. Just download a free smartphone app, such as this one that Art4corners used, and show it the barcode. That will show your model number plain as day.


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Steve Fiss


This is an awesome article and just one more fantastic tool for any modern day appliance technician to add to their high tech arsenal for attacking the day to day problems any tech can come across on the battle field of appliance troubleshooting.  Fantastic!!!!

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Lighting move. I can't recall how many hours I spent on a second hand Bosch refrigerator

in pristine condition I have stored up. NO LABEL! BARCODE


Thank you Samurai Fam!

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another game changer, especially with warranty work. 😀

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Captain Dunsel


Servicematters has a new feature for they're smart phone users like Scandit barcode posted above,but does not work as good. When it does it takes you to all the technical information though!

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