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How to replace the drain pump in an LG front load washer stacked laundry unit

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


The need for this repair could be something obvious like the washer isn't draining (though other things can cause that, too, like a plugged drain hose) or something less obvious like an OE error code.

First step is to come git you a new drain pump with a 365-day return policy ratcheer ==> http://www.repaircli...EA2001D/1266821


The Academy's resident Professor of LG-ology, john63, tiptoes us thru these tulips...

Open door

Remove door gasket outer CLAMP and peel back GASKET into stainless steel tub

Remove lower left pump clean-out strainer COVER.

Remove a single phillips screw---and pull out the plastic HOUSING that is part of the pump clean-out strainer

Looking at the pump clean-out strainer (at floor level) you'll see 2 phillips screws above the strainer handle---remove both screws

Cut a section of 2x4 wood---approximately 5 to 6 inches length

Place the 2x4 wood block between the TUB and the FRONT COVER of the washer---this will give you additional space to access the DRAIN MOTOR---by keeping tub assy pushed rearward.

Reach down to the PUMP ASSY---using your finger---find the RELEASE TAB and depress it. This allows sliding the entire

PUMP ASSY to slide away and be turned by hand.

There are 3 screws which secure the DRAIN MOTOR to the pump housing---remove them and pull off the drain motor.

Re-install & test washer.

NOTE: One or two of the DRAIN MOTOR screws can be accessed from the *hole* where the STRAINER was located.

TIP: Wear PVC-coated work gloves

Source: LG Front Load WM2077CW, won't spin

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I did one of these awhile ago. I think I pulled the whole front assembly to do it.. Next time Ill do it your way. Save me some effort!

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RussTech (and others reading this thread)

I only recommended this method of DRAIN MOTOR replacement for situations where the washer has a dryer stacked on top of the washer.

Replacing the DRAIN MOTOR through the door opening is actually more work---than performing the repair/replacement in the normal manner.

When a stacked laundry set is in a tight location---such as a closet---it's much easier than having to remove the dryer (especially if it's a GAS model).

In most cases---I also remove the LOWER counterweight from the tub with a 10mm socket & ratchet tool---for even more room/access to the drain pump/motor assy.

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Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Domo for that clarification, John. I've edited the title to make that more clear.

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