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Stinky, smelly washing machine? This is almost always a detergent problem!

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Samurai Appliance Repair Man


It's funny how people will plunk down big $$ for these high efficiency (HE) washing machines and then try to save pennies by using cheap detergent. I've written about the follies of the Great Unwashed here. Now, to help put an even finer point on it, Brother John63 delivers today's guest sermon on detergents in today's HE washing machines:

Food for thought...(a rant----sort of)

Customer: "How does over-use of detergent (or the wrong type) cause black/moldy stains on my washer door gasket?"

Technician: "If suds occurs---this remains in the washer *after* the liquid wash water drains out. Creating soap

scum/curd residue. Bacteria **crave** this stuff & **grows/spreads**."

Cust: "Will my laundry get clean using the *correct* amount of "HE" detergent?"

Tech: "Yes, in fact--laundry is CLEANER. Especially whites."

Cust: "Why the heck is this a problem today? "My mother had a front loader when I was growing up---and we NEVER had

odors or moldy stains."

Tech: "Trisodium Phosphate was used in those days. TSP caused "SAPONIFICATION"---which is the chemist's way of

describing---converting of Fatty/Oily deposits into SOAP! Today---enzyme-detergent formulas are used.

Enzymes "break-down" fatty/oily deposts into smaller particles---which must be rinsed/drained with sufficient

water temperature(hot).

TSP also **softens** Hard Water.

TSP breaks down Soap Scum/Curd

TSP makes laundry **soft**----"Dreft" was one of the first to use a TSP formula.

TSP was banned from laundry detergent at or about 1992."

It's REAL nice of the Soap & Detergent Industry NOT to inform their consumers of all of this.

The Soap & Detergent Industry ***knows*** that when consumers encounter problems with...


Musty Odor

Dingy Whites

"Suds Error Messages"

Longer Than Time Displayed *Cycle Run Times*

Intermittent Water Leaks

...the consumer is NOT going to search the Bottle/Box of detergent for an 800 number to call them.

The consumer will contact the Appliance Manufacturer---and scream bloody-murder/threaten Class-Action

Lawsuits-----while the big soap executives literally laugh-all-the-way-to-the-bank.

Source: Bosch Washer. Mold on door seal

If your washing machine is already stunk up because of your detergent illiteracy, I have some de-stinkifying remedies for you here. :rolleyes:

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