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LG washer giving a tE error code

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


<<<I have a wm2487hwm giving me the "te" code. I examined the wiring. ohmed the thermistor out at 67.5kohms>>>


The wash tub THERMISTOR should show 39.5 K ohms at 86 F.

I've never encountered a failed THERMISTOR on an LG washer.

A "tE" error is usually caused by a broken/failed wire at the plug which connects to the THERMISTOR at the front/bottom of the tub. This plug should be examined very carefully for a break in either the *white* or *blue* wires at the connector.

In some cases---the break in the wire will be *internal* and not visible.

It is necessary to perform a *continuity test* for both wires---from the plug/connector at the MAIN BOARD-to-the-plug/connector at the THERMISTOR. Have an assistant move/bend/flex the plug (at the Thermistor) to verify that the wiring is intact.

Test the HEATING ELEMENT next to the THERMISTOR---should show 12 to 18 ohms.


<<<put the machine back together and now it's totally dead!>>>


Verify that *all* of the plug/connectors behind the "jog dial" (Control Panel) have been re-connected (fully & competely until it locks).

NOTE: This washer is a *steam wash* model.

If an error "tE 2" is displayed---this would indicate that there's an issue with the THERMISTOR at the STEAM

GENERATOR (at the top of the tub assy).

Source: LG Front Load Washer TROMM