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GE Wall Oven: Display says "BAKE" but relays won't engage

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Here's another tasty and expeditious troubleshooting tip from our friends at, offering top quality control board re-building, specializing in bringing NLA control boards back from the dead. Here's something to watch out for when troubleshooting GE wall ovens. Same trick may apply to other brands and models.

GE Wall Oven: Display says "BAKE" but relays won't engage.

From our tech support conversation:

Tech Support: Is the door closed or open?

Tech: Closed.

.... long conversation with measurements etc ...

Tech Support: I'd like to verify the functionality of the plunger switch on the door. Can you locate it?

Tech: Yes, that's what I'm holding in to "close the door".

.... Ka-Ching! ... Nooo!!!

Tech Support: Please physically close the door and try again.

Tech: The oven is heating!


If the control board thinks the door is open it prevents the heating element relays from engaging.

This is completely determined by the state of the 2 micro-switches in the LATCH MECHANISM.

(To cook switch #2 (top) MUST BE CLOSED, switch #1 (bottom) MUST BE OPEN)

The oven controller DOES NOT SENSE the PLUNGER switch!

Remember this to save wild geese. :woot:

Source: GE Wall Oven: Display says "BAKE" but relays won't engage.