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  2. Evan in Idaho

    Kenmore Elite / LG model 795.7205 Frig not cooling

    Same fridge, same problem. I purchased the fridge in 2015. I called customer service and was told that one of there service tech's would need to verify the problem before it could be fixed. I was then told they do not have any service tech's in my area. When I asked what my options were to get it repaired under the warranty I was not given an answer. I was told that they would call me back within 24 hours with a solution. I never received a call. I have called them back and even chatted on the web site and have not gotten anywhere. Getting pretty frustrated with Sears Should I keep trying or just throw in the towel and go buy another fridge
  3. Today
  4. Son of Samurai

    JennAir Dishwasher Service manual

    Uses this tech sheet:
  5. Hello, We are working on a Jenn air dishwasher and looking for a service manual. Model # JDB9800CWS2 Serial # F62603227 Thank you.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Just needed to post a thank you! I have a Bosch SHE68R55UC/69 and was experiencing the same problem. I cleaned out the water sensor, the sump, removed the cover of the pump, cleaned around the impeller and then called Bosch customer service (very disappointing btw), they basically told me that I had done more then what a customer should do and to schedule a service call. I found this site and after an hour of scrolling through the posts looking for anything regarding a Bosch dishwasher, found this post. Sure enough, I disconnected the hose at the disposal and found all kinds of built-up gunk. Removed it and all is well again. I just wish there was a way to search through the forum posts. Thanks!
  8. Son of Samurai

    Wine cooler

    U-Line does something kind of goofy where they combine their user guides and service manuals into one document. They're all available on this page of their site: https://www.u-line.com/documentation/
  9. See this post for finding Frigidaire info:
  10. Son of Samurai

    Not making ice

    I'll do you one better -- I'll tell you how to find it even without your favorites. Starting at the homepage of Appliantology, scroll through the forum listing (this is a great way to just browse through the site and see what it has to offer, by the way). One of those forums is called the Dojo. Click into that. There are a couple of pinned topics that will always show up at the top of the listing in that forum -- you can tell they're pinned because of the little green badge next to the title. One of those topics has the links to the Electrolux/Frigidaire servicer sites.
  11. I cant find on any parts sites. But it pops up on google when searched. Any manual would be appreciated.
  12. Greetings ISO service manual for Kenmore Elite range 790.74503992. Especially interested in process to replace cook top igniter valve switch. Range is 36", 5 burner, glass-top with control valves integrated in glass top. Thanks
  13. If could send me the Frigidaire site again I'd appreciate it. Computer problems and I can't find my favorites. I have a FFHB2740PS2 on my I-pad but not sure if that would work. I need to diagnose the ice maker. I don't believe it's getting the comand to work. The ice maker has no reset button.
  14. Thanks Darren, I will give all this a try ASAP, and report back. - Rick
  15. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    GE monogram GTW460ASJ7WW manual needed

    Uses same minimanual as this one
  16. Version 1.0.0


  17. GE Refrigerator Service Bulletin - Bottom-Freezer 21–25: Fresh Food Cabinet Freezing View File Models CFCP1NIX, PDCF1NBX, PDSF5NBX, PDSS5NBX, PFCF1NFX, PFCF1NJX, PFCF1PJX, PFCS1NFX, PFCS1NJX, PFCS1PJX, PFIC1NFW, PFSF5NFX, PFSF5NJX, PFSF5PJX, PFSS5NFX, PFSS5NJX, PFSS5PJX, PGCS1NFX, PGCS1PJX, PGSS5NFX, PGSS5PJX, ZFGB21HX, ZFGP21HX PUB REF08-09 Submitter Samurai Appliance Repair Man Submitted 03/20/2019 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  18. Son of Samurai

    Appliantology Quick Tips Instructional Micro-Webinar

    Appliantology is a powerful appliance repair tool, with lots of features that may not be obvious at first glance. If you feel like you're missing out on some of what the site offers, then you won't want to miss this Quick Tips webinar! In just 15-30 minutes, we'll step you through how to use a few of the most commonly missed features of Appliantology. Who: Anyone who wants to learn more about Appliantology, tech member or not. When: Friday, March 22 @5:00 PM Eastern Time. Since this is a micro-webinar, you'll want to arrive on-time so that you don't miss half the thing! Where: We use join.me for all of our webinars. Fill out the form below to get connection details: Fill out my online form. How: Connect with your browser, or download the free Join.me app here: https://www.join.me/apps Here are a couple tips to ensure that the webinars are a smooth, cool experience for you: 1. Arrive early to make sure your connection is working! Also, if you show up late for the webinar, you'll be lost. 2. Watch this ultra-short video on how to use your Join.me control console while you're in the web meeting because you're gonna wanna do cool stuff like: - correctly connect your audio (without producing the dreaded echo!) so you and everyone else can hear what the presenter is explaining - mute and unmute yourself so we can keep the microphones open and we can all talk
  19. call premier yourself and have the model and serial number ready. Premier has a contact # and website. www.premierrange.com or the # to call is 800-858-5844 . The model # should be located below the top of the stove . Remove the grates etc. and lift up on the top lid to remove it. Its not that difficult. Underneath the top lid on the stove cavity top , there should be a metal tag or sticker that is viewable with the model and serial # for your stove. Right those numbers down before you call them because you will need that . The model # you have shown might be missing some numbers. I dont think that is the correct model # . Assuming that it is definately the gas valve that is the problem ?? they will be able to direct you to the correct replacement gas valve. Good luck
  20. Was told by repairman my Peerless Premier gas range 24" made under the Galaxy name - needs a gas safety valve for the oven. Makes sense, after lighting pilot, would take hours before I could get the oven to fire up, then eventually the oven quit firing up days even days after the pilot was lit. Was told TOAC could rebuild my old valve, but I found the correct valve is supposed to be 1285, Dey Distributing said Premier confirmed this - I read this replaced the 1282 valve - is this in fact the right gas safety valve for this range? I really prefer to keep my old range from the 80's, I love a standing pilot stove over the battery ignition systems of today - or the electronic -
  21. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    service manual

    This one should be close enough
  22. darren412

    f11 duet

    what your asking in this post is very vague. What is your question here ?? no model # or serial # of the appliance your looking at. no explanation of what your actually doing.
  23. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    LG parts manual

    Best practice I’ve found for both Samsung and LG is to get the part number directly off the part you’re going to replace. Not 100% possible or feasible but 98.6% ain’t too shabby!
  24. vh1

    f11 duet

    hi watched you troubleshooting f11 great! running diagnostics cked ok. tried adjust the tines of the 3 pronged wire plug to the cci. would replacing the wire help?
  25. ol_lonely

    LG parts manual

    downloaded and checked the service manual last week. I was an LG service tech a few years ago. this service manual has an exploded view, but no part #'s. there is confusion on the parts sites as to the correct # for that icemaker.
  26. 16345Ed

    Kenmore 110.60022010 dryer

    You didn’t really say if your clothes are getting dry. Unhook exhaust vent from back of dryer. Test it unhooked. See if it dries your clothes. Elements do cycle on and off and there is also a cool down phase.
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