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  2. AdrianMutescu

    Repair manual or tech sheet

    And what I need to obtain a ServiceMatters account?
  3. princeal

    Ge Range/Oven will not heat properly

    Thanks for the reply .Yes I have a multimeter and semi know how to use it
  4. I need the service manual please.I have an error.
  5. 16345Ed

    Ge Range/Oven will not heat properly

    Either control not sending power to element or bad element. Do you own and know how to use a multimeter?
  6. melvinsmellvin

    Need Pump for Maytag washer KA806

    Terrific. I love this site. Thanks for the help.
  7. Maytag MFI2067AEB4 Refrigerator Tech Sheet View File PUB W10238849 Models That Use This Tech Sheet: MFI2067AEB4 MFI2067AEB5 MFI2067AEQ4 MFI2067AES4 MFI2067AES5 MFI2067AEW4 Submitter EthanRanft Submitted 01/28/2020 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  8. 16345Ed

    GE GDF520PSF4SS dishwasher help

    So circulation motor doesn’t run. That would be my first check. Is it getting power from board....
  9. Budget Appliance Repair

    Need Pump for Maytag washer KA806

    You are correct on the build date - more specific, it was manufacture December 1969
  10. evaappliance

    Need Pump for Maytag washer KA806

    If you still need to look anything else up just drop the K. Look up A806
  11. 16345Ed

    Need Pump for Maytag washer KA806

    Part number: WP6-2022030 This is the pump
  12. None. Element showed no continuity when grounding each lead...
  13. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    PUB W10238849 Models That Use This Tech Sheet: MFI2067AEB4 MFI2067AEB5 MFI2067AEQ4 MFI2067AES4 MFI2067AES5 MFI2067AEW4
  14. GE JB690DN1WW oven chamber will not come to temp. Preheat set to 350 gets to roughly 250. broiler element is working ,lower element seems to not get to temp. Pies,casserole etc. burn on top and under cook on bottoms. Pies are raw on bottom etc. oven temp sensor tested at room Temp. Ohmed at 1093 was told should be between 1000 and 1100. Ohmed bottom element got 22 was told I should have between 15 and 45 i obtained these reference numbers from different sources on the internet but all sites gave roughly the same data. i am open to any suggestions as to what you think is going on,I am thinking possibly the control board but not sure and don’t want to throw parts at it if they aren’t what is needed. Any help is greatly appreciated KJR
  15. My nephew called me tonight and indicated he thinks he need replacement drain pump for his Maytag washer model KA806... serial no. 220847HZ. I told him his hoses might be plugged but I would look in to replacement pumps just in case. Can't seem to find parts diagram or pumps for this machine. If I interpreted the serial number code correctly it is a 1969 machine. (I think he told me it is avacado) Anybody know if pumps are available for such an old machine? Or if it is indeed the pump will he have to scrap it and maybe modernize to the mid 70's or something? Thanks for any suggestions.
  16. Hello all my dishwasher started having issues today. When I start a cycle it will start to fill and that’s it. After about 20 minutes I open the door and it’s like the heating element is on trying to dry? Any idea?
  17. I replaced the transmission/gearcase following the appliance parts pros video. Happiness was not achieved. The washer now just fills and then buzzes. No agitation, no drain, no spin. I must not have reassembled it correctly.
  18. Wendell B

    Maytag Dryer Tech Sheet

    Yes, thats all I was pulling up. Thanks for loading the tech sheet!
  19. Son of Samurai

    How to Troubleshoot a GE Cooktop like a Real Tech vs. like a PCM

    Did you check the resistance of the primary and secondary windings to confirm an open? When you put in the new transformer do not connect the molex for the secondary right away. First test your voltages across the coils. If it's in spec, then you should check those LEDs I mentioned earlier. If one of those is shorted, it could take out the transformer again.
  20. MVrepairs

    Repair manual or tech sheet

    Thank you!
  21. EthanRanft

    Repair manual or tech sheet

    For those with a ServiceMatters account, you can look it up and it will give you the part number of the tech sheet. That’s the PUB number listed on the upload. If you don’t have the account, you can look up the model on most parts lookup sites and usually find a part number for the tech sheet
  22. I've had this problem for a few years and think I have solved it. No need to do anything inside the drawer other than get rid of the ice! 1. Remove the rear panel on the bottom. 2. Find a 3/4" diameter 6" vertical tube going into the fin area about mid unit. Note that the holes in the tube sides go in the bottom. 3. Remove tube and look for a small white adapter coming from the top of that compartment that looks like it is crimped closed. 4. Remove the white thing and clip off about 1/8" of the crimped area. This device prevents cool air from exiting for energy efficiency, BUT IT GETS CLOGGED WITH DEBRIS causing the defrost water from the cooling/freezing fins to backup into the freezer drawer bottom. While you're there clean the dust from the coils, etc. Reverse steps 1-3 and wash your hands.
  23. I have not checked the continuity of the harness between the two boards. Could you explain how and where I should test?
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