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Bosch Range THD Pro Knob Placement Service Bulletin 1.0.0

Son of Samurai

About This File

Symptoms: The customer may experience undesired operations such as XLO burners and interior lights do
not operate when oven is on, temperature does not match set point, oven behavior is different than selected cycles,
knob printing does not line up with desired selection, and broil does not function.

PUB 58300000228090

models PRD304WHC/01 PRD305WHU/01 PRD364WLHU/01 PRD366WHU/01 PRG304WH/04 PRG364WLH/02
PRD304WHC/02 PRD305WHU/02 PRD364WLHU/02 PRD366WHU/02 PRG305WH/01 PRG364WLH/03
PRD304WHU/01 PRD364WDHC/01 PRD364WLHU/03 PRD366WHU/03 PRG305WH/02 PRG366WH/01
PRD304WHU/02 PRD364WDHU/01 PRD366WHC/01 PRG304WH/01 PRG305WH/03 PRG366WH/02
PRD305WHC/01 PRD364WDHU/02 PRD366WHC/02 PRG304WH/02 PRG305WH/04 PRG366WH/03
PRD305WHC/02 PRD364WDHU/03 PRD366WHC/03 PRG304WH/03 PRG364WLH/01

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