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  2. evaappliance

    Kenmore 461.98475 fridge has ice on rear pipe

    further up that line it will have insulation on it, split that and you should see a bigger line with a very small line attached to it , if the lines have separated get a small bare length of copper wire and wrap it around both lines to hold them together the entire length of the insulation , then wrap and duct tap the insulation back around the lines. if the lines are still together and doing that still , that's where things will get weird !
  3. Budget Appliance Repair

    KitchenAid OTR Microwave KHMC107YBL0

    Thank you, appreciate it.
  4. Today
  5. Lighthouse

    GE Washer GTW460ASJ0WW Tub Won't Fill

    I usually have more problems with the cold water side. Are your lines connected correctly? not uncommon to have a sudden increase in sediment if there was some type of water line work done somewhere. Sometimes there can be sediment in the line and it doesn't move until there was a little air in the system. The air will dislodge it and send it to your screen.
  6. Uh oh. Icing up within a week or so? It's been plugged in for a few hours and its already got a layer of frost forming! Help!
  7. Son of Samurai

    Tech sheet please

    Here you go:
  8. Haier HA10TG31SB Refrigerator Service Manual View File PUB 1409S001V0 Submitter Son of Samurai Submitted 06/18/2018 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  9. Yesterday
  10. Joe B, Stoughton Appliance Repair

    GE wall oven UCG 49-8706

    Thank you Sir. Didn't know that site existed!
  11. Son of Samurai

    Service manual request

    Here you go:
  12. Thermador CIT36XKB/06 Cooktop Schematic and Service Program View File Schematic PUB 54300001004418 Service Program PUB 58300000153569 Submitter Son of Samurai Submitted 06/18/2018 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Schematic PUB 54300001004418 Service Program PUB 58300000153569
  14. 16345Ed


    Agreed Part number: 3360629
  15. I'm looking for a service manual for this unit with schematics please, we have power coming to the board and nothing out of the board, we replaced the board and the problem is still the same, we have the cooktop here at the shop and will be spending time diagnosing it as soon as we can find ANYTHING lol on this thing. any help would be apprecaited. I did a search and looked for the service manual saw one thread about an error code on this unit and someone said they checked the service manual but I couldn't locate one anywhere on the whole website, did a search for everything and nothing came up. HELP!!! Thanks team!
  16. AlaskaErik

    GE Washer GTW460ASJ0WW Tub Won't Fill

    Problem most likely resolved. The hot water inlet was packed with a gritty sand. There was so much it was backed up into the hose. Which really surprised me, as we're on city water. I never had this issue when I had well and septic. The cold water side had a small amount, but not enough to impede the flow of water. I have a tankless water heater, so sediment at the bottom of a water heater tank isn't the issue. The house is only 2.5 years old, so I don't know how I'm getting this much sediment. And why only on the hot water side. There is no construction going on and I'm not aware of any water main issues. Looks like it's time for some type of whole-house water filter.
  17. Lighthouse


    Pretty much what I thought but wasn’t sure. Defiantly worth repairing.
  18. evaappliance


    3360629 will need this part to fix it if it is going back that far, still well worth fixing in most cases sears has it for $146
  19. jgastonl

    Amana ASD2624HES - evap fan

    Does the fan run constantly?
  20. Lighthouse


    Haven’t experienced that but sounds like something inside is broken. May shout out to @sh2sh2 , @evaappliance , @16345Ed , or @Lorainfurniture and see if they have come across that
  21. AlaskaErik

    GE Washer GTW460ASJ0WW Tub Won't Fill

    Some additional information... I filled the tub with warm water from my utility sink and the wash cycle proceeded normally. The rinse cycle was also normal and the tub filled up completely with cold water, so I don't believe the water level sensor is the problem. I had "Warm" selected for water temperature. Maybe the inlet solenoid? I checked the water lines in the back and they're not kinked. When this load is done I'm going to pull the hot water hose and check to make sure the screen isn't clogged.
  22. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    GE wall oven UCG 49-8706

    You can download use and care guides from the manufacturer's consumer site. There are two that pull up for this model number, download both and see which applies:
  23. My 2.5 year old GE washer won't fill the tub. It runs for a second several times, like it always has, but then instead of filling the tub with water, it goes straight into the wash mode. It might put a little water in there, but not enough to cover the clothes. Both hot and cold valves are turned on. It doesn't matter which laundry size I select and hitting the "Deep Fill" button does nothing, except turn the light on. I'm thinking water level sensor. What kind of fix is that? Thanks!
  24. cyndie


    Hello, I did watch the video, thank you. When I try to install the plastic piece on the transmission side I can not because the shaft is not long enough. I can pull it out with pliers but the shaft receeds back into the transmission. Any ideas as to why the shaft coming out of the transmission will not stay extended to accept the plastic piece? Thank you, Cyndie
  25. mehoss

    GE Fridge Mainboard Cross Reference

    I just realized when I got back to the office that I replaced a WR55X10775 with a WR55X10942. I wonder what the differences are? Seems to be working - I have to go back and replace the paddle so I probably should replace it - but just curious how they differ.
  26. 16345Ed

    Amana ASD2624HES - evap fan

    Correct as johntech stated... check for voltage at fan motor when it should be running. You also need to troubleshoot your defrost system failure so you don’t have to manually defrost all the time.
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