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  2. Need to get it into diagnostics mode please help
  3. You are correct. Are the fans running at full speed, not some weak half speed? what does frost pattern look like?
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  5. You might need to wait unit it fails again to find the flaw: Reminds me of a similar case I had a year ago. GE (inverter controlled) refrigerator randomly quit cooling for as much as 24 hours and then return to normal operation. Customer noticed melted and refrozen items in the freezer. After two calls I could find no fault. All systems and voltages were spot on including compressor wiindings. I asked her to call me when she noticed it warming. Got a call two weeks later (Saturday at 8am, of course). Found temps warming, condenser fan running and no compressor. Input voltages were correct - 120VAC and 12VDC (as i recall but could have been 4-6VDC). The inverter had correct power and the control board was telling the inverter to run the compressor. But the inverter would not comply. Bad inverter. Replaced it and all is well one year later. I had never known them to fail intermittently before. Perhaps this will help.
  6. Usually a failed power relay. The red LED not being illuminated is also a good clue. If power is detected at the Main Board...that narrows down the cause too.
  7. Thank you John63 it totally was the main control board. A quick edit to my original post for any others who read this - I was mistaking the main control board for the back side of the PCB for the display board (as they are mounted front to back). On closer inspection there is an obvious break where the plastic housing meet one another. Out of curiosity, does anyone know which component on the MCB often fails? Cheers, Peter
  8. Samsung ice maker freezing up

    The service bulletin I'm referring to is dated 7/17/15 #ASC20150717001 & dated 11/25/15 #ASC20151125001 . As far as a gap or crack the bulletin does refer to check using a flashlight. Is their another service bulletin your talking about? http://www.theinvisibleblog.com/2016/08/fixing-samsung-ice-maker.html
  9. Samsung ice maker freezing up

    This is not correct. There is a service bulliten that has been updated recently but that is not how to fix the issue. The newest update includes istalling y clips, the ice room would need to be sealed with food grade sealant. Make sure the supply line has not been pushed in to far. May need an updated auger assembly or ice maker depending on what is installed in unit modify the drain duct near refrigerant line if it is not the updated version. I would not reccommend a handy man. Someone that is not properly trained can destroy the refrigerator to where it is unrepairable if the do not remove the ice maker properly and if they don't have access to the updated service bulliten you will be Wasting your money. Besides not all of theses are deemed repairable. Samsung has been doing buy backs on some models it they are not so I would make sure everything is documented and done by a Samsung authorized service center.
  10. Samsung ice maker freezing up

    What does that mean? This has been an ongoing issue with this manufacture ice building up. The 4 things need to do is upgrade the motherboard, remove plastic lip on the lower ice maker frame, build up a gasket around incoming water fill tube, and readjust drain line. I'm pretty sure a handyman would be able to do it with parts & tools. http://www.theinvisibleblog.com/2016/08/fixing-samsung-ice-maker.html
  11. Samsung ice maker freezing up

    Or else call some handyman who can fix it.
  12. Electric dryer no power

    It can be due to the wrong breaker. You can either contact the repairman again to know why is happening so or else you can consult some expert person who can give you the correct suggestion. Recently, my colleague has hired Electricians Exton PA team for the electric panel maintenance in his home. The team was a licensed electrician and gave him the safe as well as worth hiring service. You can also consult them or any other professional team who can give you the proper maintenance of your electric dryer.
  13. service manual

    Ha ha ha that is awsome. The transition from Austin to Denver it's kicking my ass. Thank you so much for all your help and your humor
  14. Hi there, I am attempting to diagnose and fix a GE Refrigerator (PSCF5RGXCFBB). I've been using this webpage of yours coupled with the youtube video: https://appliantology.org/blogs/entry/696-how-to-troubleshoot-the-new-inverter-compressor-refrigerators/ History: Hurricane Irma was heading my way so I filled tupperware containers and ziplock bags with water and placed in my freezer on a Friday night around midnight. After I was done, the freezer temp read 10 degrees and I wasn't concerned because i just had the door open a lot and put a ton of room temp stuff inside. However, 12 hours later, the freezer temp was showing 28 and the fridge temp was showing 57 on the digital controls. (I frantically searched and located a mini fridge last minute just as everything was shutting down for the hurricane). I opened it up and noticed the fan was running but the compressor wasn't. I unplugged it a few times and plugged it back in but it didn't change anything. I left it plugged in after that. Since I have an appliance warranty, I called them and a technician came out on Tuesday to check it. He didn't appear to use any tools or anything. He unplugged it a couple times, touched some things in the compartment but I don't think I ever saw a multimeter or screwdriver or anything. He never even opened the motherboard compartment either. Based on the sounds and how it was acting he said I needed a new compressor, inverter kit and a valve rerfigerant. He reported this back to the appliance warranty people who said nope we're not fixing it and they're cutting me a check for $600. However, I noticed after the tech left and later in the week, the compressor is now running and the freezer is holding steady at 6 degrees and the fridge at 41 degrees. I had it set to 0 and 34. Thinking that since the temps were both about 6 degrees higher maybe all the thermisters were bad or something else to do with a temperature connection, I turned the controls down to -6 for the freezer (fridge was already the lowest it could go at 34). No luck. Still holding at 6 and 41. However, that meant my compressor was running and I thought that a bad compressor didn't run? So then I started to question the knowledge and diagnosis of the tech and decided to try to figure things out myself...I'm pretty intelligent and handy after all, just don't know much about fridges... What I've done so far: I have taken the inverter assembly off of the compressor and used a multimeter to test the ohms between all 3 of the windings on the compressor. I got a reading of 8 between each of the 3 connections. I think this indicates the compressor is good (yay?). I did notice that the compressor itself was quite hot to the touch when I first unplugged the fridge and started taking things apart. I have accessed the motherboard and found my j15 junction and tested the pegs, getting a reading of 15amps. I know your tutorial is saying this should be between 4 and 6 but when I looked at the specs on this page (http://products.geappliances.com/appliance/gea-specs/PSCF5RGXBB) under power/rating I see it mentions 15 amps so i though maybe that might be ok? However I obviously have no context as to what exactly the specs are referring to. In addition, I have no idea if this rating even is allowed to vary from the 4-6 and still be acceptable. There is also a chance I'm not correctly using the multimeter because....let's be honest here...there are a lot of numbers and options and the instructions it comes with aren't that clear. However, I did set it to the DC range...and I got a -15 when I put the leads on the opposite pegs. I have not yet tested the AC voltage from the wall because, well, frankly I am a little leery of electrocuting myself. Also, since the compressor is starting and the fan is running I was assuming the inverter was getting power at least some of the time. So basically I am now at a loss for what to do or test next. The technician mentioned something about a start relay & overload switch and that if I replaced that it might work but probably wouldn't fix the issue long. However, after reading about new variable compressors and inverter kits and such, I am unsure if my fridge model even has a start relay and overload switch in the first place, considering the inverter board does the starting. (Thus furthering my doubt about the technicians diagnosis and knowledge). The couple questions I have are: 1) If a compressor is bad, would it even run and if it ran would it be able to maintain a constant temperature in the fridge and freezer like it is?? 2) Is the 15 amps from the J15 junction bad? Does this mean the motherboard is bad? It's obviously still communicating to the inverter box sometimes because the fridge is staying a steady temp. 3) Do I really need to test the AC voltage from the main wall plug and, if so, is a multimeter capable of and ok to use to test this? Your page suggests hooking something else up to it to test the voltage draw. 4) What do I do next?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Thanks!
  15. Could be a hole/tear in either the Door Gasket...or the Tub-to-Pump Bellows/Hose. May need to watch for leaks from behind washer.
  16. service manual

    Very well, my work here is done.
  17. Yesterday
  18. service manual

    OMG! That is unbelievable. Thank U thank U thank U so much master samurai. I just don't know what to say. That is just an amazing amount of information. Thank you. It helps so much. I'm so glad I'm a member.
  19. I sure need one of these. I would appreciate a service manual if available. If anybody has a link for future service manual acesssability/searches so I won't be bothering y'all would be awesome. With that being said please and thank you. Ms Ann
  20. Thanks John, I'll check with the wife on that one. I'm running it now on 'Heavy Duty' cycle. Back access panel & top panel off. Between 20 & 30 min. into the cycle a small puddle has formed near the front and center
  21. looking for tech sheet on this unit. Unit frost up every two weeks!
  22. Electrical Terminals

    Version 1.0.0


    Good tech brief on electrical terminal basics, types of terminals, crimping vs. soldering myths, and more. By Jim Dunbar – Product Manager, Terminals & Splices and Tom Michielutti, Senior Product Engineer, Tyco Electronics, Harrisburg, PA
  23. Electrical Terminals View File Good article on electrical terminal basics, types of terminals, crimping vs. soldering myths, and more. By Jim Dunbar – Product Manager, Terminals & Splices and Tom Michielutti, Senior Product Engineer, Tyco Electronics, Harrisburg, PA Submitter Samurai Appliance Repair Man Submitted 09/22/2017 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  24. service manual

    Search the Files section for "WTMC*" and you'll find both the 2nd edition training manual and repair manual. You'll want to download both.
  25. Is there a service manual for this Dryer? Please and thank you.
  26. Tech sheet for Bosch Dishwasher

    Uses the GV640A platform manual
  27. Cosmo Oven

    You usually have to contact these boutique manufacturers directly for service information. Here's their contact page. You can submit a support ticket as a service tech and ask if they have parts diagrams and a schematic-- unlikely they would have a full-blown service manual. Here's the LP orifice placement diagram, in case that's any help
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