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  2. ApplianceMagic

    KDFE104DWH2 Manual Please

  3. Son of Samurai

    KDFE104DWH2 Manual Please

    This tech sheet applies to your model:
  4. Or a tech sheet, wiring schematic? Specifically trying to find out if the high limit is in line with the heater circuit. Dishwasher not heating.. Get a good reading on the 2 blue wires at the board, so I'm assuming the heater is good. Just not sure if I'm reading through the high limit or not. Thanks!!
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  6. mxzx

    GE refrigerator is not cooling

    Yes it has a 3 way valve. One check i read about for that was when plugging in the fridge feel the valve to see if it does something. I tried this and it does do something when plugging in the fridge. I don't know if it is doing the right thing though, all i know is it isn't dead. I've thrown in the towel and I'm buying a new fridge. Anybody want a PSC23PSWCSS for parts? On a serious note, is there such thing as appliance scrap yards where I might be able to get a few bucks for it? Or throw a few components on ebay...
  7. Uses this tech sheet:
  8. I'm watch the video again and searched here and all I find is an ice maker sheet. This thing will cool for a few days after the customer resets it and then it quits cooling again. So I'm trying to fish Ed... can you help me bait the hook please? Thanks in advance. Kevin
  9. Ok perfect. I’ll put a bowl in and incline the loop downward so it will collect. Thanks for the practical insight.
  10. The frost that builds up on the loop will melt and wil not be able to drain out the back. The amount of water accumulation will depend on how much frost melts during normal defrost.
  11. Thanks all for the info. I was wondering what was the meaning of all those numbers. I found that W10165425 or WPW10165425 is often cited as a replacment. Do you know if the spec fit?
  12. Where will the drainage be coming from? At this point there is no water flowing to the compartment since the ice maker isn’t opening the valve. The current frost buildup is isolated to a slight amout (2-3mm) on the loop. There is no frost buildup in the compartment itself. The initial problem was ice dams along the back in the fan space along with the side of the icemaker when it was functioning.
  13. You may also have a defrost issue with the loop not having an icemaker attached. These loops will generate alot of frost and the icemaker is what defrosts the loop. You will also have a drainage issue.
  14. Thanks everyone for your help. I have the ice maker shut off and will be on the hunt for a small fridge.
  15. I like the small fridge with an ice maker choice lighthouse 👍
  16. Pretty much It is a risky task trying to reshape it like stated not a guarantee that the updates will take care of the frosting issue. Go old school and use ice trays or buy a small ice machine or small fridge with ice maker
  17. I would shut the ice maker off and do without an ice maker if you bent the loop tube as badly as you are explaining it is bent . If you break the line trying to bend it back up the whole fridge is done . Quite the risky option. If it does go up somehow without breaking the replacement ice maker might not operate properly if it is not in its original position. Your facing more cons than pros at this point in my opinion since you tried to do this without the proper procedures in the service bulletin ahead of bending the loop. Even if you do everything in the service bulletin from Samsung with no problems in the refrigeration loop for the ice maker, there is no guarantee it will still function properly. I would cut my losses and buy a small freezer for short money put it in the basement and load it up with ice if the ice quantity and ice availability is important enough for you to have it for the summer. This is all just my opinion FYI
  18. I downloade the bulletin and see that it would have been handy to have up front. At this point the icemaker wont close to contain the loop because the loop is slightly deformed. It seems my 2 options are to risk trying to reshape it and possibly break the loop or do without an ice maker.
  19. Hi lighthouse is that service bulletin ASC20170602002. ?
  20. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    795.72183.210 Service Manual

    Service manual
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Models: 795. 72183.21* 795. 72182.21* 795. 72189.21* PUB MFL62188083
  22. Kenmore LG 795.72183 795.72182 795.72189 Service Manual View File Models: 795. 72183.21* 795. 72182.21* 795. 72189.21* PUB MFL62188083 Submitter Samurai Appliance Repair Man Submitted 07/19/2018 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  23. That refrigerant loop is a non repairable item. If you get a leak in it then it is new fridge time. There is a bulletin that cover the frost problem you are having. This bulletin has several items that need to be addressed in order to take care of the frosting.
  24. Lighthouse

    Service Manual

    It helps us out if you would please put more information in the title besides "Service Manual". Adding brand & model to title would be great. to find a Frigidaire service manual check out this thread To find a tech sheet check out this thread
  25. I have had to clear many ice dams with ice maker SZAB001TA1 and in the process I have bent the freon loop. The ice maker will no longer close because the loop is deformed and does not seat properly . How can I replace the loop?
  26. Missed this awards banquet... Congrats
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