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  4. Any familiarity with this freezer? I am considering buying a used one I found, particularly want to determine whether or not it is frost free and/or has auto-defrost. My wife will only be happy with a frost-free freezer. As we know if Mama's happy everyone is.
  5. LG LDC22370ST Refrigerator Service Manual View File P/No. MFL31442312 MODELS: LDC22370ST /02 LDC22370SW /02 LDC24370ST /02 LDC24370SW /02 LBC24360ST / 03 LBC24360SW /03 Submitter Captain Dunsel Submitted 06/17/2019 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  6. MrApplianceMatt

    Maytag dryer model# MEDB755DW2

    +1 for grounded out element. Check for continuity between the heater element terminal and the housing.
  7. Captain Dunsel

    Maytag Range JLRP548WP00 Service Manual

    Only see a tech sheet Jim!
  8. Yesterday
  9. Need a service manual for this beast. Thanks - Jim
  10. what was the final solution to this problem?
  11. Farrin Jennings

    LG Refrigerator LMX31985ST/01

    Ok I've Neve had this much problems changing out a compressor.! I figured out the no start on compressor. It was the electrical to pins. So I vacuum it down again to around 700 microns and weighed in charge. Watched my pressures drop on the low side and raise on the high side. I waited patiently and the pressures stoped at 11.1 on low side and 80 on the high side. I'm trying not to turn around on this. Got to much time invested. Any suggestions on the pressures readings.. oh and no heat at condenser. I would so appreciate any feed back.
  12. evaappliance, Thank you for searching so hard for me. I cannot access the links you posted. They require an alliance login. ReStoreAppTech, thanks for your help as well. As far as I can tell there is not a water temp thermistor on this machine that I can find.... I have read and read online and I think that this machine is just like a coin operated machine but with a push button start instead of the coin handler. It says commercial on it and I believe it is an "on-premises laundry" machine. My cycle selector only has 6 positions, OFF, Normal, Perm. Press, Delicate, Rinse & Spin, Spin Only. None of which will fill with hot water for more than 60 seconds nor will they do a fill and rinse cycle. To do a true fill and rinse cycle you have to select rinse & spin cycle after any one of the other cycles completes. All the built in rinse cycles on this machine are a spray while spinning rinse, which consists of about 3 sprays of cold water while in the "rinse indicator" part of the cycle status. Sorry guys, I really thought this one would be a keeper. I was really hoping that those DIP switches could alter the hot water fill limit and the rinse cycle. Sigh.... At this point I am torn to just put it back up for sale...
  13. Pilgrim88

    LG wt1101cw

    I have replaced the door switch and the board but still get de error?
  14. Refrigerator service manual & wiring tech sheet needed please. Thanks
  15. Son of Samurai


    Bosch doesn't provide a whole lot of information on this model, unfortunately. I can't find disassembly instructions of any kind.
  16. evaappliance

    Speed Queen Commercial LWNA11SP111TW01

    i don't think any of these that i sell has a temp sensor , but i will be checking for sure
  17. Thank you Captain.D I really appreciate the help.
  18. ReStoreAppTech

    Speed Queen Commercial LWNA11SP111TW01

    The LWNB has an actual temp control sensor along with the switch.
  19. ReStoreAppTech

    Speed Queen Commercial LWNA11SP111TW01

    I purchased from alliance all the time for my customers 4 speed Queen washer and dryer sets and they have never had this type of tissue where it's doing it only for 60 seconds and then shutting itself down tell me what it sounds like is a thermistor issue possibly. Or temperature sensing issue with in the washing machine. 202320P is the correct part number of board. Looking for schematic information to share with you I will share the website address if I find it.
  20. evaappliance

    Speed Queen Commercial LWNA11SP111TW01

    i hope it is just that one machine, i was buying the lwn432sp machine with the mechanical timer for my customers till the tc5000 came out a couple of months ago . i will definitely get my tc5000 test machine back here to the shop and see if it does it , i will also share any info i can find .
  21. Seems to use this tech sheet number! 31-51879-2
  22. Uses this tech sheet! This service manual!
  23. Looking for the service manual and wiring tech sheet.
  24. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    P/No. MFL31442312 MODELS: LDC22370ST /02 LDC22370SW /02 LDC24370ST /02 LDC24370SW /02 LBC24360ST / 03 LBC24360SW /03
  25. Captain Dunsel

    Washer REpair Manual

    uses this tech sheet! This is the service manual!
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