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  1. Yesterday
  2. Please help me located the service manual. The unit has 240 VAC coming in but No display or interior lights.
  3. darren412


    make sure you also check the m13 wire harness connection's and it's wiring f rom the CCU to the MCU. Especially where they are coming out of the wire harness at each end. make sure the connections will be making good contact when plugged into MCU and the CCU. Also Make sure there are no breaks in the wiring with a continuity test. If thats all good as Light house has mentioned it will most likely be associated with the MCU. Not that the MCU is definately your Problem but it is commonly associated with the MCU as being your problem when it comes to that F6 E1 error code. If you decide to change the MCU. Get it from or you can return it with them if it does not solve your issue. Make sure you take your time and reinstall it properly when its replaced . All wiring must be tight and properly fitted again. Definately get back with your findings here also as to whether or not your problem was fixed if you replaced the MCU OK.
  4. Budget Appliance Repair

    Need to replace fridge freezer thermostat

    This is what I would use to replace yours - it's one of the few defrost t-stat I stock and use it for most applications.
  5. Last week
  6. LearningTech

    Oven and Broiler spark ignition not working

    If you want a new range fine, nothing wrong with that. But dont do it because of only this. I have seen similar problems in most every brand. Includeing a $12,000 thermador (2 boards, 1 dial 1 encoder in less than 5 years) I would put amana as a fairly good brand. You will not get much different. Unless you go electronic less, or some expenseive ones. lg whirlpool, ge, samsung, frigidaire are all about same quality or less. american range, and some DCS (dynaminc cooking systems or fisher and paykel professional). No electronics whatsoever, should last 20 years or more.
  7. Rinses are made to use less or no hot water in all washers inlast 5 years or so.and many washers before that. Are you sure it is supposed to rinse in hot?
  8. GE 59331T6WW Washer Mini Manual View File Mini Manual 31-15247 Submitter Lighthouse Submitted 07/21/2018 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  9. Lighthouse


    Check out that MCU


    sorry WFW94HEXR2
  11. Lighthouse


    Model number no good F6E1 error code is usually the MCU. Take it out & look for bulging capacitor or burn marks. F6E1 can also be bad connection between the CCU & MCU.


    washer has code F6 E1 ran test as per tech sheet test #1 ok when i went to do test #3 it would not run quick test just sat on test C00 would lock door an that it cleared codes tried to run quick test a second time started at test C03 ran test slowly it took 10 min a then stopped order a CCU W10427967 (OLD CCU W10406607) put new CCU in an washer will not power up check for power at CCU ok put old CCU in an washer powers up door locks select cycle and it count down for 5 mins and then sets code F6 E1 try to run quick test no go return new CCU for second one same thing why does it power up with old but not with new ( FYI I am auto tech) thank you for your help
  13. Thanks very much Lighthouse!
  14. I submitted that mini manual
  15. At the web site.
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Mini Manual 31-15247
  17. Where did you come up with that number? Crossing part numbers?
  18. Looks like the mini manual pub number is 31-15247.
  19. Can you pull it up at
  20. that is why it is not showing up for me then.
  21. It's actually labeled Beaumark, but made by GE.
  22. OK send it over lets check it out.
  23. Hi Lighthouse, I have a pic of the model/serial tag label. It pulls up at Thanks for the response!
  24. Also maybe check the damper(s) and thermistors for this section especially if you've had items in that drawer freeze before or it may feeze up tank again.
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