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  2. Wipperator

    whirlpool wfw70hebw1 water level low

    yes, water flow is good when the valves are open. It just does not fill with enough water. I am wondering if there is a way to set the water level higher. As I said I don't have the tech sheet.
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  4. Son of Samurai

    Dacor Wall Oven Service Manual

    Here you go:
  5. Dacor MCD MCS Wall Ovens and Ranges Diagnostic Test Manual View File For MCD and MCS wall ovens and ranges Submitter Son of Samurai Submitted 05/23/2019 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  6. Version 1.0.0


    For MCD and MCS wall ovens and ranges
  7. Here you go, courtesy of the amazing @Captain Dunsel.
  8. LG LSE3092ST Electric Range Service Manuals View File Two different versions of the service manual for this model. PUB MFL62114802 Submitter Son of Samurai Submitted 05/23/2019 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Two different versions of the service manual for this model. PUB MFL62114802
  10. 16345Ed

    whirlpool wfw70hebw1 water level low

    Have you checked/cleaned inlet valve filters?
  11. long time follower... have the afformentioned front load Duet washer, picked up for cheap. only fills to bottom of drum, no water visible in bottom of drum. it has no tech sheet, but no water level codes either. level sensor has been replaced with no joy.... works just fine otherwise. no blockage of sensor tube either. no tech sheet as someone before me absconded with it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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  13. Adirondack Bob

    Anybody in Chicago area willing to let me shadow them?

    Hi Angel, Congratulations on completing the MST courses! Not an easy task- Hey, What I think you need is Confidence and and a way to find the information you need as a fast as you can- Tech Sheets, Service Manuals- right here- if you can't find it ask- load them on a tablet or laptop so you can grab them quick in the field. The night before and the morning of the service calls go over any Tech Sheets, Service Manuals or Bulletins- know how to put the appliance into diagnostics, how to retrieve error codes and how to troubleshoot the specific problem that is happening and disassembly. KNOW THIS APPLIANCE IN AND OUT BEFORE YOU EVEN WALK IN THE DOOR- Some service manuals are over 100 pages- that's alright- just focus on the problem at hand. I use YouTube a lot for parts that I haven't installed before- lots of times there is a video- I like Matt from Appliance Parts Pros- One cool thing is a Barcode Scanner app on your phone- scan the barcode on the parts box or bag- click on Google search and hit videos- I'm almost embarrassed to say I've used this technique in a few customers homes with the volume turned down when I couldn't figure things out. I set aside 2 hours every morning to get my schedule set and pre diagnose the days calls- In today's world, the first tool I pull out of my bag is my tablet- put the unit into diagnostics and let the appliance tell to you what it "Thinks" is wrong- then just focus on that. If you have the drive Angel, I think you will be alright. I'm going to Follow you so I can keep my eye on you. Good luck Pardner!
  14. I have completed all courses on MST and have started my own business in Waukegan (1 hour north of Chicago). I have completed about a dozen calls and done fairly well but realized I would benefit from shadowing an experienced tech. Was hoping to be able to shadow someone and offer my assistance as well as financial compensation for anyone willing to let me sit along on service calls.
  15. Model without the R comes up on Sears. Thanks for your help. Phil
  16. Customer ordered new top and wants me to put it on. I'm kind of leary about it. Having the service manual or tech sheet would be helpful. Thank you! Phil
  17. Check the wiring at the bottom of the left hand door. These were bad for pinched/crushed wires that cause many of these issues.
  18. john63

    Washer Drum Loose - LG WM3770HWA

    The tub weight bolts were...according to LG...overtightened during manufacturing...causing the weight...in some cases...to fall off. Solution.. Replace the front tub cover.
  19. owenmerrick

    Washer Drum Loose - LG WM3770HWA

    Well, I took out the dampers and couldn't see anything wrong with them. I already ordered new dampeners, so I'll have to decide whether to switch them out or return them. Last night I put the weight back on, tightened the bolts, and am optimistic it's fixed. Other than trying it out, is there any way to test the dampers? This just seems like an odd issue to have - the weight detaching from the drum without any other problems.
  20. I have a Whirlpool Gold french door fridge that is having multiple problems. It cools perfectly so there's nothing wrong with the compressor or inverter. Here are the problems.: Ice maker is not making ice. Ice dispenser auger does not run when pressed. Water dispenser does not work. Meat drawer temperature display is dead and buttons do not work. LED interior lights flickered once or twice. I ran the diagnostics with the following results: Door switches are fine. Ice/water dispenser switch is fine. Forced ice harvest fails. User display and buttons work properly. I am thinking that the main control board or the power supply is bad. If the problem was simply the ice maker and water not working, I would think water valve or freezing of the water line, but the lack of auger movement in the ice maker, the failure of a manual forced ice harvest, and the dead display on the meat drawer points to something electronic or power related. Any ideas? TIA...
  21. @nachowayne what was the outcome here?
  22. certified tech group 51

    Whirlpool LSR7010PQ0 washer spins intermittently

    makes you wonder what was the result?? ......What fixed the original complaint??......Inquiring minds what to know....darren412 and I are sitting with baited breath....
  23. when ever there is spin issues with models that have this lid switch, I always go to the lid switch first. Usually the contacts on the switch or the wire connection will be melted or burnt. Its common for this type of lid switch to create spinning issues intermittently.
  24. Last week
  25. Rocbottom5

    Looking for Bosch Stacking Kit WTZ 1600

    Just curious if the kits were every purchased...be interested in one if still available
  26. Son of Samurai

    CVS236CS Thermador Mechanical Downdraft

    Please post your request as a new topic, and we'll be happy to find that manual for you.
  27. Well it turned out to be a commercial machine and not a residential as I was led to believe. So... oh well
  28. Yosh

    • Yosh
    • woftam

    Thanks for the info... have a great day.


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