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  2. Well, my Frigidaire Gallery Side by Side FRS20ZSH suddenly makes no ice/no water. The fridge has been great for at least 15-20yrs. I recently decided I wanted some ice (use an RO system for filtered water) so I turned on the ice maker by flipping the lever, which does makes ticking noises like it's working but obviously no water is reaching it. Water from door dispenser no longer working either. Removing the filter in fridge didn't help. I priced new fridges and decided this one is worth fixing for now. How can I find the pair of water inlet valves for these? Searching yields nothing for my model of fridge.....any and all help is appreciated!
  3. Glad you have found a solution that works for you. FWIW: I purchased one of the new TC5000WN models less than two weeks ago and have found that in ECO/Normal mode with hot water selected, it will fill with hot water for about 20 seconds than switch over to cold water for the rest of the fill. So if I want to use hot water for washing a couple of towels, I have to use any of the cycles other than ECO/Normal (thereby filling the wash tub with more water than needed) as those cycles will adhere to the selection of hot water.
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  5. Captain Dunsel

    Service manual

    Uses the same tech sheet as this one!
  6. Looking for exact service manual for this Kenmore dryer model number 11068002010.
  7. I had the exact same problem with my FFAD5033R1 where I was getting the F0 code. I spoke with the rep from Frigidaire and followed the step by step instructions on what to do to possibly resolve the problem. All the possible solutions failed and so the rep said that since the purchase was made within the five year warranty window they would ship me a new unit in 7 to 10 business days. All of that took place on 7/8/2019 and on 7/19/2019 I receive a new unit and I hooked it up that day and it has been performing like a champ ever since. I have only great things to say about Frigidaire and I would definitely recommend buying from them and I will do so in the future.
  8. Son of Samurai

    FEF336ASL service manual request

    See this post for finding Frigidaire info:
  9. Son of Samurai

    Tech Sheet for GTDP220GF3WW Please

    Here it is -- thanks for the upload, @vee8power!
  10. GE GTDT220EF4WW Dryer Tech Sheet View File PUB 31-16328 Submitter vee8power Submitted 07/21/2019 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  11. FEF336ASL service manual request please Thanks
  12. Well I ran across another machine just like mine except it has the timer controls instead of the logic board on it. It is not at High Efficiency model. It is very beat up and leaks from the tub agitator seal pretty good. So I made a Frankenmachine, as I like to call it... I took the control panels off of each machine and swapped them. Now I have a great working machine heavy duty machine for myself... Big thanks to all that have responded. 👍
  13. vee8power

    Tech Sheet for GTDP220GF3WW Please

    The tech sheet is uploaded, waiting on approval.
  14. Version 1.0.0


    PUB 31-16328
  15. No big deal, models without a turbidity sensor will give you that error; just ignore it. Use that same diagnostic guide to manually operate the heater and try to determine if the heater actually heats when you energize it that way.
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  17. Hi Everyone, new to the Board but have browsed before. I have a GDF510PSD0SS that's about 5 years old. We started noticing the dishes were wet after heated dry and they weren't very clean. It appeared to me that the heater element may be the culprit so I removed it and checked resistance, got a reading of about 16 ohms. Assuming any continuity was a good thing so I checked some forums and found a few threads indicating that the Flood Sensor has a thermistor inside and other people had good results when changing it. I ordered and installed the new Flood Sensor but the problem continues. Next step was to try the Diagnostic Error Code Mode (should have done this first but only learned of it on the forums) but I do not have the Service Manual for this exact washer so I can't correctly interpret the results. I found a Service Manual for a similar model but the results are confusing. When in Diagnostic Error Code Mode the Heated Dry and Clean LED's are illuminated, the similar model Service Manual shows the Heated Dry LED indicates 3 of last 5 washes did not reach 120 degree wash temperature, this makes perfect sense. The problem is the Clean LED indicates a failed Turbidity Sensor but my model doesn't have one of these! I did a visual check (couldn't find it) and looked at all the available parts there isn't one listed. So I need some help with the following: I'd appreciate the Service Manual for my exact dishwasher GDF510PSD0SS I'd appreciate any help interpreting the LED's in Diagnostic Error Code Mode Any help with next step or potential fix. Thank you in advance! Charlie
  18. Hello everyone. Looking for a tech sheet for GTDP220GF3WW. Found ones of its family sheets, but the wiring isnt exactly the same. Thank you
  19. Budget Appliance Repair

    Part WP8543666 help for kenmore 110.29822801

    If you don't use fabric softner in the dispenser that is attached to the top of the agitator or if the dispenser is missing you don't even need this part. The only function of the is part is to help make sure that the agitator spins good in spin cycle so as to dispense the fabric softner.
  20. Hi! thanks in advance for reading this post and trying to lend a hand. So here is what happened so far: My dryer was working fine until one day that it stopped mid-cycle. Did a little research to begin troubleshooting and went over the following: Door switch - Continuity OK when door closed Start Switch - Continuity OK when pressed Timer - Resistance 0 between power input and other connectors 2 thermostat on heating body - continuity OK (I did not remove connecting cables when testing. Don't know if that can affect results) thermostat on the body of the fan - continuity OK Outlet - OK 245v Connecting cable - Continuity OK So I did a little more research and I found out that the most possible scenario would be that the motor was out. I bought a new motor... I tried to install it, and couldn't detach the fan from the rear shaft of the old motor. So before buying a new fan, and breaking the old one, i decided to plug the new motor and test it out to see if everything would work out. To my dismay after plunging in the new motor (the plugs were identical, so I did not have to rewire it) the motor did not start up. To test it a I had it plugged into the connector and over a cardboard box while I had the door switch jumped and pressing the start button. I even unplugged the connector and check for electric power, and there was power available 120v Please help me see what have I done wrong or haven't done yet to get this machine back up and running TIA dudi
  21. Last week
  22. Vance R

    Refrigerator leaking

    If the defrost drain is clear. Next place water would be from is the ice maker of ice maker fill tube.
  23. The software upgrade is to install the new universal compressor from LG. Did the service person remove the freezer evaporator cover? If they did remove cover some maybe left something unplugged. If they did not remove cover, then in the course of replacing the compressor nothing is done to that circuit. Please put something in the freezer - a couple gallon jug of water will do. Without something to keep the cold the temps will swing wildly especial during defrost cycle.
  24. I have a Kenmore French door / bottom freezer - Model 795.72053.110 purchased in Sep 2011. It stopped cooling a month ago so I called Sears for service. The Sears technician (from A&E Factory Service) came out and replaced the compressor, compressor filter dryer, and added a compressor service valve. As part of the repair, the technician also did a "software upgrade" on the logic board. I just had to pay a $129 visit fee. The refrigerator is cooling now, able to freeze water bottles in the freezer too. However, a few days after the repair, the fridge showed F dH error on the display. I unplugged it for a few minutes and plugged it back in. The error went away but returned the next day. I tried this a few more times but the error code kept reappearing. I did some research online and saw it's either the freezer thermistor, freezer fan, defrost heater element or logic board. Before I try to diagnose this further, I called Sears back and told them what happened. They will be sending out another technician in a few weeks. The strange thing is that in the 8 years I owned the fridge, F dH never appeared. I'm wondering if this error could have been caused by the technician damaging the fridge during the repair, or perhaps caused by the "software upgrade". It could also be coincidence that the defrosting components happened to fail after the repair. Btw, the freezer is empty -- no food/items in there. I wanted to make sure the freezer works without issues before putting in food. If anyone has thoughts on this, please do share. Thanks in advance. --Eric
  25. J5*

    Put between floors

    Drill a hole using the right type of drill bit based on the material that you are drilling through , start with a small one and then go larger
  26. pctechtv

    Put between floors

    Hello, I have a need to drop a cable to a floor under me. I need a small hole about the size of nickle. The two floors are in a Brooklyn Brown Stone (pic). There is some space that could be chipped away (reamed bigger) between the pipes, but I don't know if that is a good idea? Could someone recommend a way and the type of drill bit (if a drill is the way) needed? Thanks
  27. Captain Dunsel

    LG Dishwasher model ldt7797bd

    ldt7797bd Sears Commercial account pulls up like this and part number comes up after clicking on select picture!
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