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Brown/Rust colored 'film' on Dishwasher walls and floor


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Kitchenaid DW about or 7 years old.  The dishes are spotless; this brown/rust colored film is only on the doors and floor. Have replaced garbage disposal and cleaned out all pipes underneath the sink, but problem never goes away. I'm thinking there might be an issue internally with the motor or seals and for some reason this 'film' attaches only to the stainless part of the dishwasher. Could something be 'leaching' through whatever is on the other side of the stainless? Just had a 30 year plumbing veteran take a look and he has never seen this before. Called Kitchenaid tech support and they've never heard of it either.

Any ideas?

Thanks, David






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Is this a new problem or has it been occuring for some period of time?  Is it affecting only the dishwasher or other water-using appliances and fixtures?  Testing your water supply for hardness and impurities is logically be the first step.

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It's just the inside tub lining (stainless steel) of the dishwasher. All dishes come out perfectly clean with no residue at all.

Why it would only be on the tub is the mystery. I would think any thing to do with the water, soap, etc would affect everything that's being washed.


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It would seem to be a plumbing thing but I think rusty sticking to the stainless is magnetic attraction/science answer...Looks like rust. So cal so you have water from No Cal or Colorado river via all the processing and the old pipes sort of looks like clay residue... Maybe get a bunch of it and see if a magnet pulls the powder to it. Not sure how to test for clay... I know you put a vitamin c tablet on it wet and if the stain goes away quick its metal in the water probably reacting to the energized heater element.

I was thinking a seal leak but i haven't studied dishwashers... find out what it is first...

bar keepers friend to clean it out then run a load with vinegar in cups and see what happens after that..

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