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York Diamond 80 furnace (older I believe a 1995)

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I have been having an issue with my heating. There are times when we turn it on, you will hear the unit kick on, but the burners do not light and it will proceed like it is going to heat the house and it blows out cold of course because the burners have not lit obviously.

So, I noticed when this happens there was a red light blinking. I opened it up and found the code list. It was blinking 5 times and that listed the Rollout open, no call for heat. It sure makes sense but can anyone give me direction on what can be causing this.

Thanks in advance,


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Re-check the fault code, most rollout switches do not automatically reset. They are typically a one time deal or manual reset.

Most intermittent ignition problems are due to weak flame signals. I would start by cleaning the flame sensor, (it is the metal rod usually in front of the left most burner, opposite of the ignitor) - pull it out and clean the rod up with very fine sand cloth or steel wool. Also check the condition of the burners, hitting the front of them with a wire brush will do them good.

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you need to check each rollout switch to see if they have continuity or jump out one at the time and check the heater to see if it will work . by jumping out the rollouts you will use process of elimination. do NOT leave it jumpered, get a new rollout switch, they aint but 5 or 10 dollars  a rollout switch has 2 wires going to it , it looks like the size of a dime and has a red reset button in between the wires. their is usually one on each side of the burners and one under the burners and one in the smoke stack ie vent you have to look hard for these some are hidden between burner chambers . if you find a bad rollout switch then you MUST determine what caused the rollout to malfuntion. failing to fix a faulty or leaky chamber will cause death. look for stoped up parcially blocked smoke stack(vent) look for cracked manifolds, look for rusted out burners with huge holes in them .

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