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Samurai Appliance Repair Man

As many of you probably know, Xdrive shat the bed on me and nuked my files. So, I cancelled my Xdrive account. You'll still see the files in your folder when you log in, but they all have 0Kb-- empty files. But, not to worry I still have most of them on my local hard drive and can send you what you need on request.

Also, I just found out that this forum software automatically knocks subscribers down to grasshopper status at the end of the subscription period. Grasshoppers can't post or send PMs. This is highly annoying and just plain ain't right! So, here's whatcha do. After your subscription period ends, lemme know by sending me an email at samurai _AT_ fixitnow.com and I'll manually re-instate you as a permanent subscriber free of charge. The Samurai likes to give a fair shake and good value.

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