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TopLoad Kenmore (Whirlpool) Washer 110.22712100 not advancing to 2nd Rinse/Spin cycle

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Have encountered a TopLoad Kenmore (Whirlpool) washer where the timer no longer "automagically" advances from the first rinse cycle to the second rinse cycle without a helpful nudge from the owner. 

First thought is "bad timer", but noted the word "off" between the first and second rinse cycles.  A diligent search for an "Extra Rinse" knob/selector found none on the control panel.  The Tech sheet clearly shows the machine function has an "off" entry between the main wash cycle and the 2nd rinse cycle.

Owner reports that washer has "always" advanced through this "off" indicator into the 2nd rinse cycle without any help before.

My dilemma: Why manf. had the "off" step between the first and second rinse if the timer is supposed to advance through from one rinse to the next.  Is the problem REALLY a bad timer, or is there a failed switch somewhere else in the wiring.

Any enlightenment would be gratefully appreciated.


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Owners Manual states that the 2nd rinse is a stand alone cycle, manually set on the timer. See page 19. No luck finding the wiring diagram for this unit

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