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Need a downloadable (or any) copy of "Gas Self-Cleaning Down Draft Range Model SS373PEX.  Whirlpool Job Aid, KR-16, LIT 4314529 or related video: LIT4314541V.  Need wiring diagram SPECIFIC TO THIS MODEL NUMBER: SS373PEX (some places called SS373PEX1).   I already have Job Aid Part 4322536 (wiring diagram for self-cleaning gas range) but apparently this is generic or later-model than my stove and lacks two electrical components that my stove has.  Brief background:  spark module on range replaced; despite elect. being unplugged, something happened to the oven to shut it down; oven light flashes on a second then disappears, thermostat knob has 'clicks' which seem to emanate from the bottom inside of the oven each time the knob is turned past the 360 degree position.  Repairperson unsure which of 4 possible parts is causing the problem; some still available, some not.  Need a wiring diagram of THIS SPECIFIC MODEL in order to make determination whether oven can be fixed or I'll be stuck buying a whole new stove.  Thanks.

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[user=63708]jkarnold[/user] wrote:

.. apparently this is generic or later-model than my stove and lacks two electrical components that my stove has... 

which components ?

all I could find

SS373PEX1 Parts List

SS373PEXT0 Parts List

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I wish I could tell you but I don't 'speak the language'. I THINK it was because my oven has dual knobs.  On the far left is the thermostat and the temperature/thermostat knob which covers it.  On the far right is a selection knob (bake, timed bake, broil, clean).  As I minimally understood the whole thing, originally when the oven just 'disappeared' for no reason, it was felt to be the sensor - should be over 1,000ohms and was only 400 or something of that sort. 

However, he's tried a replacement sensor which registers correctly when tested and the oven still failed to turn on.  The only part he moved when he originally fixed the spark module was a box containing a circuit board. (All the work on the spark module is done from underneath and had to be removed to get access to where the spark module was apparently.)  So logic suggests maybe something happened to the circuit board, which is still available.  However, apparently there's also the sensor issue so at least 2 things are wrong.

The question is whether the second thing is the circuit board (available), the selector knob (think that is also available) or the thermostat itself (not available).  Questioned the likelihood the thermostat would go out coincindentally at the exact time of the module repair and that most likely culprit was the circuit board, given age, perhaps something broke loose, but nothing obvious on visual inspection. 

So the 'bottom bottom line' as I understand it, is that its 60/40 perhaps that its the circuit board, the part is over $200 and not returnable and if its the thermostat, which cannot be had, then the oven is still broken.  Just becomes an issue of how much money, if any, would assure that the oven is fixed and how far that same amount of money would go toward investing in a new stove should the repairs fail.  Repairperson feels that with a wiring diagram he could come to a better determination of whether its more likely the thermostat or the circuit board before going any further with the repairs. 

As far as his need for the wiring diagram, I think this has to do with wanting to know at what point the circuit hooks up with the sensors. This is the best I can do by way of explanation.  FYI, Whirlpool complaints department supervisor insisted it was probably the front panel 'control module' - thing that has the clock in it and the cooking timer.  Repairperson doesn't seem to agree with that.  That part is also no longer available.

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Yes.  Range is new with house in 1996.  I bought the house in 2002 so about

7.5 years and only replaced the oven ignitor once and replaced the grille

grates which melted when I used a canner on them last summer.  But no

other malfunctions of any type.  I have never used the self-clean feature

or the grille as a grille.  Its a down-draft because of the grille.  Couple folks

have suggested maybe there's some wiring diagram on the back.  Impossible to

know as the downdraft is circuitously routed through an adjoining cabinet before

going into the floor (its a slide-in) and pulling it all the way out of its 'space'

would require taking a lot of stuff apart.  Have to be done if I get a new stove

but a huge mess to do just to see if there's a wiring diagram I guess.

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