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Guest Repair_man

EI26SS55GSO Electrolux SXS Fridge

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Any one have a service manual for a EI26SS55GSO Electrolux SXS fridge ? I need to know how to get into diagnostic mode. Freezer temp going up and down and customer in panic mode over soft ice cream.

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Owner Guide:


Wiring Diagram:


Installation Instructions:


Parts Manual:


all I could find ...

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To get into diagnostics......

Press and hold the "freezer" temp. Up / down keys at same time for 5 seconds (if this has wave touch controls you must illuminate the display first).

All LEDs will light the FF "up" key to clear the display...pressing the FF "up" key again will begin the first test

Display will show current test # in progress 1,2,3 etc. Pressing the ON/OFF key will turn off and on the particular load in the motor ,heater etc.

No key press in 5 min. Will exit the test mode

Order of tests.....

1) compressor

2) defrost htr.

3) FF lighting

8) water valve (dispenser only)

9) freezer lighting

10) auger motor

11) cube/crush solinoid

12) VCC condensor fan

15) Evaporator fan (toggle for "low" and "high" speeds

22) Damper test

23) FF door (OP=open / CL=closed)

24 Freezer door (OP=open /CL = closed)

26) Defrost limit switch (" ")

28) dispenser paddle test (press ON/OFF pad and press paddle with door. closed to test.

36) Ice door test (solinoid should activate when ON/OFF pressed freezer door should show ice door closed.

29) FF thermistor (press ON/OFF, "0"=good. ER = open/shorted

30)Freezer thermistor (" ")

33) Ambient Thermistor (" ")

34) Formware Version

38) VCC models only....compressor test

To exit and hold the "FF UP" key for 5 seconds...control will beep and test mode deactivates.

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Thank you so very much, the info will be very helpful:rah: 

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