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Goodman air handler #ARUF024-00A-1A

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Hello, I have a Goodman air handler, model #ARUF024-00A-1A with no heat kit or outdoor thermostat. In the year we've been in this house it has worked just fine. Lately, however, it's had issues. The thermostat was in the off position yet the air conditioning unit outside ran. Also, when the thermostat is in heat position it blows cold air, and when it's set to air it blows hot air, and the air conditioning unit outside runs. Strange since it has worked fine during the last year. I checked the thermostat wiring and I'm not sure it's correct. The green wire goes to G, the blue to C, red to R, yellow to W AND Y, and white to O. My neighbor is having the same issue (air unit outside runs constantly when thermostat is in off position. Their wiring is the same except that white goes to B. The manual does have the wiring instructions but they are a bit over my head due to the many different configurations. Thanks for any input you can supply. Rob

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Need more info......

If you remove the thermostat from the base, does the condenser keep running? This test is only valid if the base has no electronics in it, just wires and terminals.

If removing the thermostat has no effect, then it is very possible the control board in the condenser is malfunctioning.

Does the condenser run all the time?

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