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White Rodgers Thermostat 1F80-224 nonresponsive

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Hi -

My home central heating / air conditioning is a two-zone system. Each zone is controlled by a White Rodgers thermostat. One of the two zones is working fine. For the other, the thermostat is 99% nonresponsive: the Auto/On switch works for the fan, but none of the other buttons or switches do anything at all. The display, which normally alternates between the time and temperature, is just showing the temperature. (I'm not even sure it's correct...) Since the buttons are nonresponsive, I cannot change the temperature, program the thermostat, or have any other effect. Removing the batteries makes no change: without the batteries, it still just shows the temperature. Just to make sure, I have replaced the batteries with known good/fresh batteries.

Doing a reset (by holding down the (arrow up), (arrow down) and time buttons simultaneously, does nothing. (I guess it shouldn't do anything, since the thermostat doesn't even seem to be able to tell that the buttons are being pressed!)

I have tried turning off the entire furnace/AC and turning it back on again, but this has had no effect.

The thermostat for the other zone is behaving normally.

I would replace the thermostat, but I have a dim recollection that this has happened to me once before (same system), and was easily fixed...I just can't remember what the fix was.

This is one of those situations (as I think it was last time this happened) in which to the best of my knowledge it was working fine before the HVAC maintenance technician came over to do maintenance, but was discovered immediately after he left. I could of course have them come back and undo whatever they did that caused this, but that typically involves taking time off work, waiting for them to arrive, etc.

Any help? Thanks!

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Try removing the batteries until the display goes blank and then wait a few more minutes.It can take several minutes for the display to go blank after batteries are removed.

Reinstall the batteries

If the thermostat still is acting stupid replace it.

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