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Noritz Model GT-201AW-FF water heater (for Japanese bath)

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I need a replacement main circuit board (it has the micro processor and a bunch of interface circuits) for this unit.

This model has never been sold in the US. I bought it in Japan. It is specially designed for Japanese style bathtubs and includes a separate 50,000 BTU heater with a recirculating pump which keeps the water in your tub steaming hot. It also has a water level detector so that it automatically refills the tub as you scoop water out of it as is done in the Japanese style of bathing.

Now the processor board has been blown out due to one of the electrolytic capacitors leaking juice which ate off a ground line on the PCB and caused the logic board to see -30 volts from the fan motor control circuit.

Any ideas as to how I can get a new main board for this thing?

I have made a very good circuit and functional diagram of the unit, and made a number of measurements regarding the operation of various subsystems if anyone would have any interest in them.

Henry Heetderks


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

pictures ?

and / or web link ?

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For the Noritz GT-201AW-FF Japanese bath tub and water heater. Here are some pictures:

ftp://sprite.ssl.berkeley.edu/pub/hdh/Noritz_GT-201AW-FF_Pictures/P1000493.JPG shows the disassembled unit on the bench for electrical testing. The circuit board slightly to the left of the center of the picture is what I have to replace.

ftp://sprite.ssl.berkeley.edu/pub/hdh/Noritz_GT-201AW-FF_Pictures/P1000501.JPG shows the unit assembled and installed in the crawl space under my house. Note the 120 to 100 volt transformer just visible at the top right of the picture.

ftp://sprite.ssl.berkeley.edu/pub/hdh/Noritz_GT-201AW-FF_Pictures/P1000506.JPG shows the unit with the front cover in place.

ftp://sprite.ssl.berkeley.edu/pub/hdh/_hdh_dwgs/Drawing_File/0203-AC14-E.dwg is a detailed circuit/block diagram of the system. This drawing is in AutoCAD14.

ftp://sprite.ssl.berkeley.edu/pub/hdh/_hdh_dwgs/Drawing_File/0204-AC14-C.dwg is a schematic for the fan motor controller board.





ftp://sprite.ssl.berkeley.edu/pub/hdh/_hdh_dwgs/Drawing_File/0214-ME02-C.xls are all Excel files which record measurements made on the system.

I think what I really need is someone who has access to Noritz parts. I don't see Noritz even listed on the fixitnow parts finder.

Henry Heetderks

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Nice pictures !

any luck contacting Noritz ?

Noritz Corporation

Head Office

93 Edo-machi, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0033, Japan



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