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RAVAI China 2012

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2012 Guangzhou International Refrigeration, Air-condition, Ventilation & Air-Improving Fair

Date: August 21-23, 2012

Venue: China Import & Export Fair Complex

E-mail: sales9@grandeur-hk.com

Website: http://www.avaichina.com/index_e.asp

Organizer: Guangzhou Grandeur Exhibition Services Co., Ltd

AVAI China2011 made a good success on the whole, with 20000 square meters exhibiting space, and the number of exhibitors increased about 80% compared to last year, which reached to 350 enterprises. The exhibits include: host machine, environmental air conditioning, ventilating devices like blower & tuyere, fresh air system, refrigeration equipment, thermal insulation material, and the related products about refrigeration air conditioning and ventilation industry.

To satisfy the requirement of exhibitors, the exhibiting space of RAVAI China 2012 will be expanded to 30, 000 square meters, over 600 exhibitors at home and abroad, 40 domestic and overseas industry organizations, and cooperate with 300 worldwide industry media for promotion.

Who would exhibit?

·Air conditioner equipment & corollary equipment

·Refrigeration & freeze, refrigerated storage technology and equipment

·Ventilation & circulating water equipment:

·Electric & automatic control equipment

Who should visit?

·enterprise, dealer, wholesaler, distributor, engineering company, installing company;

·Architecture design institute, electromechanical installation unit, plant construction unit;

·Manufacturing industry including textile, machinery, ceramic, fine chemical engineering, metallurgy, glass, hardware, leather, etc.

·Processing industries including electroplate, electron, shoemaking, printing and dyeing, plastic, clothing, packaging, foodstuff, pharmacy;

·Public places including hotel, hospital, school, waiting room, supermarket, laundry, auditorium, meeting room, church, gym, exhibition center, kitchen, food market, large-scale entertainment center, underground parking, etc.

·Farms including greenhouse, flowers and plants, fowl, livestock;

·Places with contaminated gas, strong smell and dust.

·Places with air conditioning but insufficient air and oxygen.

If you want to participate in RAVAI China 2012 to show your RHVAC products, please register your company information at


If you want to visit RAVAI China 2012 in August, just go to register your detailed information at


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Personally I'm a little conflicted about all this, Comrade Robot.

Flooding the global market with cheap junk stamped out in commie slave labor camps just sticks in my craw for some reason.

I just can't get used to it, like a good little drone marching lockstep to the utopian future of the New World Order.

But, never mind me. I'm just a dinosaur, soon-to-be "dead White male".

Do carry on. Best of luck with your moon rocket. Try not to kill anybody.

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Great post, jb! I had thought about deleting this one but I'm so glad I didn't so I could read your reply. Amen and amen!

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They're looking to import our products because the stuff they make is garbage.

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