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GE reffer problems

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Hey all;

I've got 3 units that I need some help with.

1st is a GE sxs that had a huge frost build up in freezer and no cool. Jumpered defrost at motherboard and had 5 amp reading showing defrost circuit is good. Replaced m board.

2nd is GE sxs with thawing ice bucket and complaints of warm reffer section. Tested defrost and found it ok. Replaced defrost term. switch

3rd is GE sxs with complint of warm reffer section ( wave of heat when door opened is compliant). Thinking defrost on to long, replaced defrost term. switch.

Still have problems with all three.

The two defrost switches I replaced are 140/30 rated. Tested them tonight and found them opening and closing as designerd.

I thought the switches controlled the defrost time, but at 140 degress, this seems to high.

I need an explanation of the proper opertion of the GE mother board.

These all have board # WR55X10942

Eating crow and waiting for a reply!!!!


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#2 bad evap fan and/or motherboard or evap thermister. #3 probably a broken light switch keeping interior light on. Have customer remove bulbs to check. Did you defrost #1 when changing the board? Have you seen it iced again?

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also, depending on model and serial numbers,

a bad Evaporator Fan can blow the MB,

also, the MotherBoard and Evap Fan may be covered under a service bulletin

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Went back to #1 and found it frosted again. Jumpered MB and found defrost circuit good.Defrosted unit and told customer I'll need to replace sensors. Is there a test for the sensors? How does the MB decide when to defrost. Is there way to make the MB go into defrost mode?

Evap fan is good on this unit.

Going to check #3 this afternoon. I'll post after.

.................Thanks guys!!

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