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certified tech group 51

Frigidaire refer...FSC23F7DSB7

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certified tech group 51

Water shorted main board  plus  user interface display.............

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I've had 2 of these and in both cases it was a leak that had sprungs in the water filter. The water then would squirt through a small hole when water valve opened and get into the area with the board.

I remember thinking after finding the first one what were the chances that the filter could spring a leak in just the right place to shoot water through that little hole. Then damned if I didn't have another last year.

The first 1st took 2 boards cause when I got there they had taken the filter out and just told me they was going to replace it when they got a chance to pick one up. I noticed a very small amount of moisture in the tray with the board but didn't make the connection. Replaced the board and all was good. Got a call back couple of weeks later. They had put the filter back in to make ice, and it killed the new board.

The hole the water was going through was small and up toward the ceiling so it kinda amazed me that it even happen.

Then I had another, so, I suggest you consider the possibility and run some water checking filter for leaks before ya get it going and assume all it well.

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