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Chiller (The Craven pt 2) an appliance related tale of horror

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It's been a while since I relayed my experience in The Craven. Since that time, many things have happened. I married my sweetheart, we did not get a high end fridge and I've been on many scary repairs. Most of them too frightful to share. However, I will tell you this tale. The memory of it still keeps me awake at nights . I must now be forever vigilant.

One day I received a call for a repair. Sort of strange call but, hey, there's money to be made. The customer, a sort of monotoned fellow said he was building a wine chiller out of some fridge parts but his compressor just clicks. At least that's what I thought he was saying. No biggie, I'll replace the start relay. I arrived at his house..


Man, what a dump and the customer's appearance was, well, shocking....had a large slot-like gash on his head and all he did was stare. When I asked him if he was okay..he said "downstairs." He stared at me and without looking away, pointed at a creaky dark stairway. I was relieved he stayed at the top. He's not the type of fellow I want behind me.

As I descended, I came upon a door. But then I heard the staring man say..."no.. more down go more". So I go down. I came to another door and looked up at stare-man. I could barely see him except for those glowing staring eyes...and he said.."no... go more...more down...all way."

I finally get to the smelly dank bottom floor. I see a few wine bottles, fridge pieces and what looks like a GE profile fridge that had the double doors replaced by a large single door. I opened the door and it had only one large compartment but the nastiness inside cannot be described by words meant for man. Roaches, worms, slugs and maggots seemed quite at home inside and they were all feasting on some sort of putrid gelatinous carcass.

I turned around to yell upstairs , but the staring man was r beside me. Startled, I said "hey......" He chanted "master say fix, master say die," pushed me inside the cooler, smashing my head against the back wall......and now.......

The Chiller ( The Craven , pt II)
ie if Vincent Price was an appliantologist when he recited the poem from Thriller

Darkness fall as hard I land
Unconsciousness is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of blood
To Terrorize or implant their brood
And if I ever shall be found
A half eaten corpse, soul hell-bound
Can I stand and fight these denizens of hell?
Or rot inside this foul fridge shell?

The stench of hate is in the air
Unholy bred hate of forty thousand years.
Sending forth maggots to infest my wounds
Torturing me, sealing my doom
And though I fight to stay alive
My body starts to shiver
Can one mere mortal resist
The evil of this chiller?

I cry out in vain, I can't be heard
And less fresh air with every word.
Must think through pain, through foul bites and blister
Then one thought comes, the thought "thermistor."
What does it mean, why come to me
Being sent to hell and think Appliantology?
I find one wire, yank it clean
the earth shakes....... a recognizable scream...

"I know you foul board, I remember you well!"
 Did I not send you screaming to the pits of hell?"
"I turned half-dead as you threw me away

The man you saw found me one day
He made a fridge to keep his wine cool
He needed a board, I needed a fool.
I've come for you, your soul is mine
You sent me to hell, I'll repay in kind"

"I care not for what you seek
But I know now, what makes you weak
I'll snatch another sensor, you Satan-spawned board
Remove this infestation, recall your horde"
The maggots receded from my open wounds
The door sprang open not a moment too soon
I fall into the room, the life giving fresh air
And standing there laughing was the man with the stare.



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Terrifyingly awesome, Durham!  Makes me want to stay in my safe, warm, staring man free shop this All Hallows Eve! 


"Quoth the Craven, Motherboard." 

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What a great story and well told!

I assume in the real-life version you ran out there without even bothering to collect your service call fee when you saw the putrefying carcass.

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As I look back on that night... I wonder what were the true motives of the staring man... you know something? He might have said "master say fix OR master say die. " Maybe he was told I had to fix the fridge or I would die. So he forced me inside to fix it in order to protect me. That slot in his head looked about the length of a mainboard. It could be the board was at one point literally inside the man's head. The wound is healed and the board was now in the chiller. Maybe the effects of the mind control was waning. Maybe.. just maybe.. he was laughing, happy that someone escaped.

Or maybe he killed me with a dull rusty hatchet..

Oh well, I may never know... unless the answer is provided in the final installment of the trilogy , "The Craven Pt 3, Revenge of the Staring Man. " But that may be a few years out. Happy Halloween!

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