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Need JOB AID for Whirlpool D/W - new Global Wash System

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Whirlpool Dishwasher

Mod# WDT710PAYM3

Ser# F22918469


Did a search and only found service bulletin on checking the motor and the "Service updates" document.


Is there a Job-Aid out for these units yet?  If there is, could I please get it?


I don't need the tech sheet, I have it and have been studying it - need to go back and do some checks now that I kind of think I know what to check.


Basically need to know if the test points that are addressed on the tech sheet are accessible once the plastic connector cover bar is removed or if the cover has to be pulled off the CCU module to access the test points.



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That's all there is right now.  No Job Aid.  May never be one.  Whirlpool is cutting back on its tech doc production and relying more on getting the info out to servicers via training (ASTI, webinars, regionals, etc.) and service updates.  

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OK, thanks.


I will wing it, I have a feeling it's a bad touch pad, (only 1 1/2 years old) - completely dead nothing works, (they said it worked for one cycle between times of being dead), vent gasket to outer door vent area was all out of place so very good chance vapor has been entering touchpad area.


It has 120 volts to CCU and I checked that door switch is OK.  I was in a hurry, never worked on one of these before and had a house full of screaming kids - making it hard to concentrate on the techsheet and didn't see any keypad ribbon pin outs to test, (after studying techsheet, I see that it is the same as older models - disconnect keypad - power up - if pump out runs for 2 minutes then it's a bad keypad - it doesn't flash stuck keys like the older models just alerts if START/RESUME or CANCEL keys are stuck).

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