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Garage Door Mystery

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We have a garage door mystery. Been working at it for a couple months.

We have two garages, one is an older single frequecy and the other is a rolling frequency. The single works all the time any time. The rolling has started to only work with the remotes and keyless entry during the day. At night it willonly open with the hard wired wall  mount or the remote in the garage.


Here is what we know:

During the day all day we can wall 200 feet I bet and it works with the remote at night only in the garage. When leaving in the early morning it is dark and no lights or new appiances are running. To further test this we did shut down the breakers to zones in the house. For even more fun we turned EVERYTHING on in the day time and it still worked. Even with all the LED lights.

Changed all the batteries, reset the codes, unplugged the unit and left it off for hours and still doesn't help or "reset" anything.

We even had one of us stand out of the garage a few feet where the remote isn't working at night and the other look at the motor to see if the light flashes a code but the unit isn't even detecting the remote. The remote is trasmitting, we can test that.


To us it sounds like a neighbor might possibly have something turned on.  We can ask one neighbor but they only have solar outdoor light and these are all off by the time we leave in the early dark morning when the door is not working. They did not add anything new either.


The other neighbor is a little bit elusive and keeps his house mostly dark, even when Papa John's shows up each night.


What do i need or can I even, use to test what is blocking the frequency for the garage and remote?


Our 3 year old has a pretty good solution that we may take him up on if we can't fix this, "Just drive the truck throught the door then don't have to open it".


Any help?

Thank you I do love this site, saved our dishwasher from said little child.

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how old are these Openers ?

May be time for a new modern Rx Tx kit

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The motor is about 5 years old and the remotes are newer then that, one was never used so we tried that one but didn't make a differance.  But again this just started about January sometime and only at night.

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there is a outside signal interfering with the remotes signal. finding the source is the problem, the tech at work that fixes them has a meter that detects it but i know its very expensive

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