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Even though I am in the business would fundamentals be the best start?  People on here seem to like it, and even searching for negatives there aren't any really.  I am thinking about starting up soon.  Only thing keeping me from right now is Christmas and getting ready for taxes.  ( I like to pay early as possible to not worry about them) Then the convention then Mardi Gras then Vacation... all before March.  


  But I do intend to start and kick myself for not taking the initial test classes a year ago. 



    I reaally need more help in the pricing and business aspects.  But would also like troubleshooting techniques. 


   Been on the boards for a little bit and have been deciding between the classes and the all dolly expandable/ collapsible. 





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Both the all dolly and Master Samurai Tech course will make you money.

What you need to ask yourself is,

How often would I use the all dolly? (I'm guessing 2-3 times a week max)

How often would I use the knowledge from the Master Samurai Course? (Every Day)

It seems like a no brainier. I highly recommend the fundamentals course even for experienced techs. You can always learn more. You also can forget troubleshooting techniques over the years. Even if used as refresher course, it's worth it.

I myself have learned from the course and I have been doing this for 10 years.

Take the course... You won't be disappointed!!!

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